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How To Purchase Tickets For Kesha Live?

In connection with the updating of our website, possible errors. We apologize for the inconvenience! Here is the link:

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will return only for biletika service fee-not be returned,since we need the check

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what kind of chart You want to see?:)

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good afternoon! On what kind of event You don't view the prices and order your tickets?

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As I understand it, the Mariinsky theatre do not byvvaet?

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
This excitement was shown that for ordinary people, tickets are expensive. Would reduce prices in General - more people would go....

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the ticket for the night, MouseEvent one ticket to visit odnomodovogo from spacemouse?

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Il Volo, there are no electronic tickets(

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net Saito-pregnelone to enter!

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you can pay for tickets cartage to pick up the ticket before the concert. The main thing - to pay them. Because to hold the reservation we can't last that long.

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
Within 10 working days. More details can be clarified by phone 380-80-50.

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
Good day, generally when an electronic ticket to your email after payment, he must come in pdf format so you could print it yourself.It pays to check the spam folder on your mail.
Also, please call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will advise you on this issue.

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zdravstvuyte e-ticket for the placebo concert. in the personal Cabinet napisannogo ordering placense нормальноpdf file. but e-mail should also come the message with the pdf file? this message no more than an hour

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
thank you!

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why on your website and on the club's website Р С’2Р С–Р Т‘Р Вµ will take place the concert of the band Lyapis Trubetskaya information on prices and number of tickets for this event?

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Or pick them up I can only in the Moscow office

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Don't see the old site! It is no more?

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
unfortunately you are right. Sales are still open until December, tickets for January are still for sale. You need to wait... We can quickly inform when will the sale on Jan.

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
good morning! Utochnjajuschie took an e-ticket or paper at the Desk? If elektronnye write a personal message to the community:
- your order number (not the ticket number namely of the order)
- what is the date and time took a ticket
- If there is vozmozhnostiami pozhaluytsa to the event

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
If you oplatila no

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you're lucky I got 50!

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is it possible to exchange your e-ticket, cardboard ticket (on same place) at the box office?

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Good day! Not working link to order tickets for the ice show Nutcracker 02/01/2017. Google Chrome after clicking 'Choose' opens the blank page

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
at the moment selling tickets to the Circus is only open on the first weekend of October(1-2 October) and on all Fridays of the month. Soon we will start selling tickets for the whole month, follow the information on the website.

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napolitanas question by email they will be able to help you.

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In your basket to contain the tickets that can only be obtained electronically, and tickets that are not available electronically. In this regard, the methods of obtaining and no. Please delete some tickets.

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That your application was received on 29.04.2014.
within a period not later than 10 days Your situation will be resolved,
and you will have an answer by letter to a personal message.

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globorotalia leadership what I can write?

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spasibaaa was sky-high 2 200

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please write the order number?

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
Hello! tell them to return the tickets I can only a change or cancellation.well, three days before the event. I didn't know for three days that this day'll come down with fever and so on. the concert tonight...can't go. how to be? let lost 4.5 thousand? there must be exceptions...????

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good afternoon.

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
Hi,bought 2 tickets for a group concert "Leningrad" in turned Out that to go to fail for personal reasons.Can I return the tickets? Bought for cash in the cash register in "the Grand Canyon".Thank you.

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thank you))

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On our website, on the main page right above the calendar there is a button "All fields".

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Is it possible to exchange the e-ticket in the usual "cardboard"?

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Statustiprole have a ticket to the concert in St. Petersburg. The opportunity to go talamahu if I go to the checkout your city and give away tickets to the concert in Saint Petersburg? In Peter to go not possible.

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Bought 2 tickets for Muse in Helsinki at the box office Devyatkino in action "9th no service charge". Gave a check - satalice time service fee netcache either. Obisnuieste no no (but seems not needed). Voprosa will be any problems while attending an event for rubiano there is only kasimovskiy tickets?

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the service fee is charged regardless of the method of purchase or booking.

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
Hello,please tell me the prices of the tickets for the performance "kysya"?

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How to purchase tickets for Kesha live?
If tickets will not be provided or refunded the money,we will put you in court,because while it looks like a banal theft!
sincerely,so-called your cashier ,cattle,bought you concert tickets for his son.

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call the call center at tel. 8-800-555-07- 70там will help you place your order

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Hello. similar situation...hard to say the exact time. Sorry for the inconvenience😔