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How To Purchase Tickets For Little Mix Show?

Then a legitimate question - when it "temporarily" end? There is at least an approximate time?

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How to purchase tickets for Little Mix show?
if I book 4 ticket for themselves through the "savvycom" but in the specified time will not be able to pick them up.
is it possible to have these tickets purchased, my friend,to whom I give the order number?

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is it possible to return belatedly I do not live in SPb(where the concert is) and in my town there is a cashier?
nadeyuschto, poedunk all can be the circumstances and all.

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good afternoon. If we are talking about electronic Beletage the most important is the unique barcode on each ticket. Initialy this slotautomaten.

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Sdravstvuietoya ticket at the Ice Palace (Window No. 5), Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour Cirque du SoleilР С‘ only later somatilake on the ticket was missing the bar code.I slusalice the authenticity of the tickets is determined at the entrance to the bar code.Pauliteiros.

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, Hello again. Thank you for your reply. Literally-I called the operator and I managed to resolve the issue over the phone. But you still thanks.

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How to purchase tickets for Little Mix show?
Hello , selling open. Tickets are available

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Mail is not received. The only thing I have downloaded the tickets when they were in treatment. Them can I use? They have no special marks about the status of my order?

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to exchange the gift card is impossible. You can consider your leisure and choose another ticket for 500 rubles.

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Good morning,thank you for pointing out the problem.Be sure to check it out, and fix.We apologize for the inconvenience.

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do not worry, this is the second such event and obviously not the last)

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good day! Tell me your sending it soobsheniia
in the day of theatre on March 23-28, discounts up to 90%. What does it mean? And where can I see the list of participating performances? Thank you!

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in Moscow she bought

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why such hostility to pensioners? The key phrase in your post "almost free"

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How to purchase tickets for Little Mix show?
I called to 21 hours, I was put in the queue

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[Cashier]you wouldn't happen to know why is not working Krasnoyarsk site?

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I have to work with stationary't open

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Good afternoon! You should call by phone:(812) 331-22-86 (Department of the issues of conclusion of agreements with spectacular bodies).

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also, samoei hologram and barcode passport pokazateli. But lately a fake,so the supervisors were doubled vigilance.

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Thank you!

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How to purchase tickets for Little Mix show?
deadline for return - 3РѕРµ days before meropriyatiye?

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thank you very much )

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Zdravstvuyte 4 e-ticket for Metallica in the fanzone during the presales. The mail didn't come. To autorizzata again on the website of presales at the moment impossible. What to do?

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Tell me, how many days to respond to the letter sent to ? 6 days have passed.

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How to purchase tickets for Little Mix show?
thank you very much!

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tried to buy on the website tickets online for the Bank.the map 15 iulya in terms of registration stoitcho tickets need to pick up today or tomorrow - it is not acceptable for me on condition that I live far away from Peter((( - why not to buy a number of the order and before the concert at the box office to take ticket on the spot?

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contact us by phone 380-80-50 Your application, we look at the history of Your order.

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thank you, I'm afraid ogromnoe start)

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Good afternoon. How long you can hold the reservation for tickets? And whether after the expiry of booking them again to put on the reservation?

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Hello , You can place your order on our website and pay by Bank transfer. Paid tickets can be picked up at any time, including on the day of the event.