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Where I Can Buy Cheap Tickets For The Killers Date?

Zdravstvuyte booked 2 tickets for the concert (orders number 161222 and 128158)they now hang in the "my orders" as takasakiyama charge. I need one of them to pay with WebMonitor to cancel. How to do it? I don't see the relevant drill-down links to the payment page.

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Hello! Is it possible to return the ticket to the disco 90 (November 22)? Go smokehow to return one of your ticket. Attach failed

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Good day! Please tell me the ticket was paid by credit card, you can pick up in any of your register?

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Thank you.

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
Inappropriate to work

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thanks , wrote.

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I called to 21 hours, I was put in the queue

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?

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DD. Tell me pojaluisto whether to buy a ticket to a child up to 3 years on the show "snow king"?

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Want to buy billino at the moment money neprocitana about "installment" - how to make it?

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Anastasia, please call (812) 380-80-50

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, please tell me when will be the next performance Kysya, you have anything?)) if you in a private message

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
Tickets for the hockey in the Ice Palace You can buy?

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
Your message is sent to technical support.

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the cashier strikes 94 there was a conflict with the cashier,who after communicating with the previous tenant behaved correctly (hinting at the fact that my hands are dirty, and so on,so that threw me the change and ticket in the window)I called and complained to the cashier,in answer to this I revoked the tickets,telling me to come read to the cashier,I came,the cashier began to speak:that you authorize the cancellation of tickets to them,and again saying that from the comes to them to buy tickets one redneck!!!I asked on what basis the cancelled tickets?to which she replied that the cashier did not have enough money and she doesn't remember take my money!!! I told her,and how you gave me the tickets and then change? In the end, she said that their service in the next ten days will deal with the shortfall against money held the money!!and you'll get a call!!
Dear,cashier, ru!this is generally what for delirium???the tickets I bought from you,why you are not responsible for their activities?at the moment I have anodirovanie tickets to 5500 thousand rubles!please understand this situation and poegateway me tickets,I bought a concert or return the amount in full before the end of this week.

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
what kind of concert is it?

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Good morning, unfortunately as we do not sell tickets for this concert, we do not have this information.Try to find on its official website.

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The king and the Clown 2 Feb

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A question... I Bought and printed off at home e-ticket to the concert. Can I come to St. Petersburg to exchange an e-ticket for a common!? If Dato where and how to do it??? In fact, electronic napisannogo possible.... Please tell me!!!

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Situation:I'm from out of town and ordered Mylene Farmer Peter in October of last year. Happened force-Majore in Peter I can not come.
Ticket netolko order number.
Called into the service of podderjkoi satalice can be issued only vozvratnaya statement(because the tickets were not issued)
OK. But it turns out cenuine another copy of passports and full details of the card. And it turns out one hour before end of reception.
Okay. Again, call support and ask: can I re-register my reservation on the name of another person. Nene can.
I suggest to write a notarized power of attorney. OK. Only type a weekend. Where do I get notary?
Gorohovaya me an e-bilete will be able to send it to someone who can go for me.
No Peter this option is on old orders available.
I paid for the service in full obamaa can't get Eee can't abandon it(well, larnook)but Blinky can't even do basic replacement names in the order or send e-militatry I could spokojnost notarial powers of attorney to convey????
I will NEVER use your service. Scoop and disrespectful to customers.

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Thanks for the info)

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Hi! Please tell me whether you can buy concert tickets Lana Del Rey?On your website information, unfortunately, not found(

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
Good day! Booked tickets for Depeche Mode and Aerosmith. Chose the payment method "at any office". Looked convenient to me. In "my orders" there was a reservation number. Where now to find the validity thereof??? SMS danly information did not come (statisical then had to request a room?) Please write here, at least for a period, I can buy tickets. Thanks in advance.

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
Tell me, tickets for Cirque Du Soleil?

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Good afternoon!
is it Possible to purchase a gift certificate directly at the box office?

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Join the question about the tickets for the matches Sconi will be available in the near future?

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Where I can buy cheap tickets for The Killers date?
through your site/office can arrange tickets for the matches of SKA?

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thank you.

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Hello. And how they "time" these inconveniences.....? Already a month not to get on the website! The cashier say say that everything is working. The phone also fails to convince the girl that there is a problem, the answer is one - Change your browser....