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Where I Can Buy Tickets For Spoon Concert?

thank you

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Zdrastvuyte.cerez.RU! Yesterday, November 24, 2013 for some unknown reason was cancelled the concert of Timur Rodriguez in the club "A2", St. Petersburg. Information about the cancellation of the concert, never bioclub we met closed doors... Ask submitcheck Abrazame and when we can return the tickets and get back the payment? Thank you in advance for the answer!

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thank you!

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in the near future performance "Men on call" is not declared.

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you still have nothing to say?

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Tickets purchased in giftfor the person does not work for the date to go. I want to return these tickets and buy on the same musical on 20.10.13 at 13: 00. How can I do it ?

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Please tell me if I choose this method-payment by credit card (pay now,get tickets myself) ,how long after payment can I collect the tickets?if a particular term?Or until the day of the event ?)

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thank you

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Good evening !!tell and tickets to the disco /90 22.11.2014 is there ?

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57 messages at two in the morning

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You can place 2 different orders, or call on the phone 380-80-50 the operator will issue You with an order.

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and when and where will this play? Also want to go!))

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you must write a statement before the concert. If the concert is macusato of course your money will not return.

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
thank you

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Good day! Gift card you can use during payment at Checkout or upon delivery.

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Good afternoon . I booked a ticket online and I have a gift coupon . How can I pay for my order ?

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Good danielczinko and Teller!
I sold on the Internet e-ticket in the fan zone at the concert on 25 August 2015 Metallica in the CCM.
How can I check its authenticity? I have file a ticket in PDF format.
There is written: E-ticket e-ticket# 615..........the numbers are only 12 digits.
Next is the order number of 7 digits. the
Forth: the name and surname of the buyer.
And below the barcode is 12 digits long. It's the same zarychta and the top 615.
How can I check its authenticity? If I guaranteed to pass it on to the concert on 25 Aug?

With vaginastanislav
tel: 8-926-610-08-06

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Aleksandravele in a safe place. Do the same image on the ticket beginning startsavearea defect thermal printing. That is Your service implementation bellacera paid service bromoethane not properly. Dubilet document: it is not nadianne Parvana him nothing was spilled. What to do? You didn't give a specific answer.

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if the ticket is normally otsenivaetsya will not require documents. If neprimirimogo any problems (such as this ticket is already someone passed)then ask for dokumentnummer order, etc. So if you don't Shine anywhere the barcode and not allowed to copy, biletta can give.

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Hello! Tickets are:

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Is it possible something like on the order number to verify the authenticity of e-ticket?

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good day! We sell tickets for all the matches of SKA Saint Petersburg you have any technical difficulties with your order?

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Good evening !!tell and tickets to the disco /90 ON 22.11.2014 is there ?

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
nebesplatno school. Call and explain everything to you

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Good evening. Bought a ticket to the concert ByAprill Dead at the box office. The first concert was moved to nearpoor canceled. How to return denguezli is only the ticket check is not preserved? Is it possible to make a return via the Internet?

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Panemune unfortunately similar or the same events yet.

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
tickets at 900p. we already ended. At such concerts the organisers will govern the prices of tickets, the first batch at 900p. sold the following is already sold in 1700СЂ.

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Good morning! Please describe the situation in a letter and send it to . Our experts will quickly process your application and give feedback.

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good day! You need to write a statement in the mail . To return the ticket to the cashier the Cashier ROUX in another city.

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, 380-80-50

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Zdravstvuite, I have a question.The fact that my friend(lives in Germany)wants to buy a ticket to the concert of Placebo for me,but book a ticket on the website does not work..Says: Meaning: the cardholder has not passed
authentication technology 3-D Secure.What does it mean and how to fix it?card visa

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Tickets for the hockey in the Ice Palace You can buy?

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I also live in other city and even the country....and if you don't help me remotely to give my paid tickets for a friend's birthday - she would have received them in my order number and went to the show..... I also write the guide user guide remote of vozvratitsya not to waste time.

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Order the card via Internet email it is a confirmation about the successful Platea in a private office stands ready status . As it should be?

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Good afternoon. Please tell me is it possible to change e-ticket to another date? And how to do it? Thanks in advance.

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
Elvira, You can register on our website () , enter "username" and "password", under the greeting is the link "contact information". Under the fields highlighted to fill will be the string "subscribe" - click the checkbox next to, click "change".

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I paid the ticket for Placebo on the website. Card withdrew the money, and the Internet was "Operation completed successfully"even to mail notice came. Pochemuchka I go to your zakaza don't see an e-ticket? And I have a sign saying "Order pending payment"? I paid the same? succinisera were not changed. E-ticket can not see? Where can I get it to print?

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Good morning! Could you send screenshots, so we can identify the error display

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Your order is successfully paid.

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thank you)

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And on TOP ticket and VIP entrance to get into the dance and if there is a separate entrance or an early start?

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You need to create the order then make payment at any branch of the savings Bank for details:

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And the electronic ticket can be exchanged for ordinary? Two days before the concert

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
thank you very much )

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
, Good morning.Yet unfortunately in the process of building the website technical problems, we try to fix it as soon as possible.Thank you for the response.
We apologize for the temporary problem.

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Hello,there was such trouble,crumpled ticket and lost him control. what do I do? can we exchange or with such empty?

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, Please write in private message your number, leave request and call you back.

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thank you very much.

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Want to buy billino at the moment money neprocitana about "installment" - how to make it?

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called the number 3808050 not picking up

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
When will any clear information on the return of "Game monsters"?

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"Roman Soup
Summer paid e-ticket for Depeche Modcache wanted to download and print. When you write "forgot password" and enter the address postypil "e-mail not found"while in the mail there was a letter with confirmation of registration. What to do?"
I had a similar problemany about parolees in a letter to postea website sayingthat this email is not registered.

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I have therefore today written off 7000 cartia e-ticket is not sent. In the call center say that money is not to weathernet can't. Wanted to gift, Bratwa turned out that the cashier ((( Administratoriui how can to comment on this issue?

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
netscale tickets not prihodilost ordering information.
to email. tickets at the Central box office on any day without a call?

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we answered You by e-mail

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, Good morning.
1.Thank you for pointing out this problem, will check and will correct.We will try to establish in the near future.
2.On this question, you better call us at tel 380-80-50, and our operators will tell you exactly how this is possible.

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Where I can buy tickets for Spoon concert?
My question was just in tommorw if I can get money for britisli I don't have a receipt. Clear delecto service fee not vernetzen for the ticket money I will be able to return? And only in cash Desk of the Ice Palace (in St. Petersburg)?

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- list of participants

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exchange of e-tickets not proizvoditsya as the form of the electronic ticket is a document of strict accountability (article 7).

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Okedem ;)