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Where I Can Buy VIP Packages For Jason Aldean Date?

Dear, I radto this ad was in novodachne in your I don't sostoya it could not valetina website cashier zahorulko when I need tickets.
agricultury You apisalome detail razjasnili You are not interested in working with "problem" customers. Today, food in Opsporen they will help me. Because now it's a matter of principle. From vsegochto I naselba only two news: - it govoritsya tickets will be deystvitelnosti again return sredstva word about the invalidity of the tickets.

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Hello. Prompt,please, in what the box office takes a collection,and what is not.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
Good afternoon!
is it Possible to purchase a gift certificate directly at the box office?

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Hello,bought tickets at the theater box office,but circumstances tore it possible to somehow restore?show tomorrow

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if you bought tickets before the change in the age sensato pass

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Situation:I'm from out of town and ordered Mylene Farmer Peter in October of last year. Happened force-Majore in Peter I can not come.
Ticket netolko order number.
Called into the service of podderjkoi satalice can be issued only vozvratnaya statement(because the tickets were not issued)
OK. But it turns out cenuine another copy of passports and full details of the card. And it turns out one hour before end of reception.
Okay. Again, call support and ask: can I re-register my reservation on the name of another person. Nene can.
I suggest to write a notarized power of attorney. OK. Only type a weekend. Where do I get notary?
Gorohovaya me an e-bilete will be able to send it to someone who can go for me.
No Peter this option is on old orders available.
I paid for the service in full obamaa can't get Eee can't abandon it(well, larnook)but Blinky can't even do basic replacement names in the order or send e-militatry I could spokojnost notarial powers of attorney to convey????
I will NEVER use your service. Scoop and disrespectful to customers.

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That is, you have more tickets 16+?

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Due to holidays, the official dates of the response shifted, as soon as it is received, we will email it to you in private messages.

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i.e. via your website, you can buy tickets at promotions? phoned the box office - satalice not!!

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strange sopronnemeti still... do I need to buy a ticket for concert in addition to locations in the sector (deposting on ice concert of Mumiy Troll)? Or the input is considered as a ticket to the arena?

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
the order number I only see in your account! No Smsni message on mail came.

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If the child is 3 years already, you must purchase a ticket. Under 3 years free.

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the Manager says that will be better seen on a large podium (BT)

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all I have are tickets,even a receipt is not given,how can you know they are defective or not,and without a bar code will pass?

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Cancercancer Stas Mikhailov in the ice on 13 November and a question about radicata better to take and in what sectoreconomy tickets moms in podurachtes that was clearly visible? Thanks in advance

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Going to buy tickets to the show Circus from another planet. The child is 6 years old. Skaitmenine to buy two tickets for an adult and a child? Or can the child keep on hand??

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
all pontosphaera!

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
Not waiting for an answer to yesterday's question will continue his indignation in the following message! I'm not ponimayu that live in the Soviet times? Or I post here? Or maybe in the box office sales made to ignore and to be rude to customers? Case in tomoto today, I still hit the box office on prospect Stachek 94. and instead of a friendly greeting had to wait when the operator is tired to ignore my presence and she would turn on me unmanagable it is absolutely not polite tone ravboloto about any tickets to the concert she did not znaete because these tickets I really need asked to draw her attention to the sign at her workplace with information on the site but what happened here just made me last terpeniye girls the phone rang and the 5 spoke on personal topics! Then the tickets miraculously found/printed/poyavilsya know where she suddenly uselessly before she scanalato they do not sell tickets on koncertai then there vyjasnilos she still has no date! Maybe I just needed to run through neighboring shops to exchange your money? But here, letting magically materialized! Left the store with a broken nastroeniem not late for the train and the concert already and no desire to go... So here is my question for you! Is this normal? You encourage this behavior of employees? I understand that the girl would most likely be an employee of the company passenger Perevozkina it's carambole no desire to deal with Sorry for wasting your time!!

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Hello! Please tell me if I if you buy tickets online to pay with a gift card? Or is it a must to go to the cashier?

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will need copy of passport of the payer and a notarized power of attorney.

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to sojaleniy impenetrable. I've left some safeconsole on teleonomical in the group . Today, the profile of the Cashier.Ru moved away from there. Remains through the CPS is to solve the problem.

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On 1 February Akimova.

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that is, I can not use this promotion code?

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
That is, you have more tickets 16+?

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Promotion! Tickets without service fee!

event Tickets: AerosmithBlack SabbathUnderworldМарсельИгорь Grigorevicha Kuprik sold without a service fee in their own banks for delivery order and purchasing an e-ticket.

How long will this promotion? And which offices are "private"?

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Thank you

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Younger sister decided to have Pat bilaterales black pateno if prigoditsya visible ( the bar code is not affected). Sane propustit to the concert?

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Trying to order tickets to the circus on Fontanka on your website on October, on Saturdays and Sundays when you try to choose and to buy tickets do not have a plan of the hall with empty seats.... Get it everyday on Friday - everything is fine. We only need on Saturday, how can I do this?

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Good afternoon! If You have a gift card or gift certificate , they you can use when you pay at the box office or when making a delivery. More details can be found in the rules or on the phone 380-80-50

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Victoria, Hello, Your order was not sold - he re-arranged. We will contact You shortly.

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Hello! If You have a gift card you will be able to pay her tickets in one of our offices or order with delivery, this can be done on the website

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very soon! We switched to entirely new software obespecheniya this question takes some time. You can always reserve/to find out information on the website or by toll-free phone: 8 (800) 555-07-70!

Or write us - we are always happy to help ;)

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Interested in this concert site is not seen Bilthoven all are?

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good day! In this case, you can do so: you'd better contact in the Moscow office at +7 (495) 730-730-0 or email and ask namegot if they can trade him to St. Petersburg certificate. Because Petersburg and Moscow - that different departments need to start with the Moscow branch.

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I bought concert tickets for my mom and we will go with my sister we start up ?
the Passport will not be checked ?

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
Tell me how the name: it is impossible to leave the Beautiful, or amazing, you cannot leave..... how? I don't even know this theater production,movie or a dramatic Playground....

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Good afternoon.Yes, an e-ticket you can exchange for regular.

EB Exchange for paper tickets.
EB is not a form of strict accountability. The client DL is entitled to receive a ticket, generated on the letterhead of the strict reporting, and the original check CMC for the service distribution. The exchange is made at the office of DTZK, OOO at St. Petersburg, Malaya Sadovaya, d. 1, tel 380-80-51 weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30 within 14 days starting from the day following the day of the event. Other terms and methods of receiving (shipping on General tariff) documents agreed by the Buyer EB in addition on the above telephone numbers.

we Recommend that you call at the number listed above and will tell you exactly how best to do.

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live in another city,book a ticket going through the Internet.How and where can I pick up?Whether during the day or on the day of the concert?and if I order an e-ticket,you need to print on A4,is it possible to crop or present so,on a sheet?

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Want with my son (he's 4 years old) to go on the Show cheetahs in SIBUR Arena, St. Petersburg. How much is a child ticket?

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good day! You need to write a statement in the mail . To return the ticket to the cashier the Cashier ROUX in another city.

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Is there an age restriction on MECHANICS 3D Laser Show (X anniversary)? 16 Nov Astronaut.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?
, Good morning.Yes,if suddenly for some reason the order was never otredaktirovat, when it is not paid it will be canceled automatically.Also, you can always call us tel 380-80-50 our and our operators will help you.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Jason Aldean date?

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Tell me,please, are there any plans in SPb play "Men on call"?Like the touring,but none of the theatrical sites have no information except,"not expected in the near future."

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