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Where I Can Buy VIP Packages For Lady Gaga Live?

Podskazala, 22 Feb voice and sound "live"?

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write us in private message Your e-meil, and telephone number, will give the programmers to check.

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good evening. The letter of instruction (paragraph 4 of the conditions of receiving the order) is filled in by the owner of the card, which was paid for tickets. One copy to send to us (), one copy together with the electronic ticket given to those who go to the event. To visit the play enough.

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Good morning,thanks for the clarification, will check.

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Good day! Want to buy tickets at the art-cafe "Basement stray dogs" on July 18, but will be able to pick up only July 14 M. Moscow, because it is not local and not e-tickets. Is it possible? How long can we wait? Payment directly on the website. Thanks in advance.

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, ,tickets are gone, but I left a request on your website. We want the class to go to, if not all , then at least partially)))

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No access when trying to log in to the website via mobile Internet (smartphone, tablet, modem megaphone from the computer with the laptop)

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Hello!But You still are required to work the sellers of theater tickets?

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here on the website to the weighs obyavlenie you can buy tickets for the world hockey championship in St. Petersburg matches. How to do this if only while the season tickets are sold or have to wait for the sale of tickets for individual games and you will start to sell them?

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A 20600909, thank you!

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Mistakenly purchased a ticket for the Korn concert in Moscow, instead of St. Peterburgskogo whether it ammenaties Yes how? Or you need to issue a refund( how to obtain a refund of e-tickets?

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we will learn to work with everyone who deserves it:) But the last ones we had sold a lot of e - billowy problems almost was not. Sorry they happened to you.

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Tell me how to buy tickets to the theater to define the performance in advance. The repertoire there for two months and tickets have already been sold, you can leave the application or it is necessary to contact the specific theatre?

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organizers moved the start of play on 14:00.

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If all the same call does not work, then please send a written request to the address You Spotorno send EB to the correct email address.mail

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somebody throw off the link where to see the Seating plan???????????????????????

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thanks for the detailed answer. But apparently, I just had to articulate the question: five-year-old boy who loves scary noise and vivid special effects need a separate ticket? I'm here more guided by those considerations that the CCM seats are located so that they will have to take the son on his knees because of sitting in front of the audience - that he could see.

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Good afternoon! Notification that the forms are e-tickets to the orders on 25 July 2016 24 August 2016 is no longer valid and need to download the tickets from your personal account on the website - applies only to orders placed on the website
Tickets issued on the website BDT - valid, their reprint is not necessary.

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thanks , in the phone column with the mode of operation was not visible (already used that service without a break for working lunch). Now only weekend work to get there, but that's about the mode of operation of the weekend is not clear whether there is a break for lunch or not?

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Good evening!Prompt,please,where you can see some information(photos,reviews)on DK im Dzerzhinskogo?How's hall ?Thank you

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That would have told me this over the phone! and my hours kept in the queue, which is supposedly decreased, and then threw all.

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podskagite the ice Palace on the Leningrad tickets box seats do not buy through the Internet?

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Zdravstvuyte paid for the ticket Bank perevodom to take him to the day of the concert.To what period can I return belatedly fail to attend the event?

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do not buy tickets with rochegda they will always be true

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while you're at it not autochemicals the point of writing?

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good morning! tickets issued under this promotion are only available at the box office of the city and the offices of entertainment institutions parties)

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Good morning, unfortunately probably not.But call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell if this is possible.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Lady Gaga live?
Hello. I bought 3 of the electronic ticket in his name. I myself go not MOGANO friends want to go. Can I take one ticket? If Dato how to do it? And will let my friends to the event bietamiverine me?

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shopping Gallery

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Hello. Gift cards can be purchased in our box office or order a delivery (in this case, you can choose any card design )

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Hello. no need

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here are all the prices: a Ticket is valid a month from the date of purchase

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I booked the ticket he lineplot proceptive order number... in the end look on the website those mustache I ordered and hang free....

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Lady Gaga live?
pre-order is to ensure that the audience could have time to make an order for interesting places. Further, these same tickets go on public sale. We never inform you about the open sales start individualnost in the news. Calling applications ideally you didn't call wait. For speedy answers to all your questions, you can call our contact centre 812 703 40 40

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Parrington 1.04.17 tickets when you can order???

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Good afternoon, booked for a performance in the theater through your service. Accidentally indicated the wrong email and e-tickets were not delivered. If you call your numbers on the website no answer. How to be ? is the order number.

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I'm abroad) I Want to buy as a gift e-ticket to the music hall) form of payment debit card-visa international sample. You can do it through Internet?

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Zdravstvujte.proshu Cashier me another question came - how many people still designed fanzone concert Mylene Farmer CCM? Want veredicto it is much less entrance...

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Lady Gaga live?
I demoluca to check with Moscow Casserras you bought them

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Lady Gaga live?
Good afternoon, unfortunately until now was carried out of technical work.None of the service was not available for reasons beyond our control.At the moment, should be all available.

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Good day!
I was presented with a certificate by mistake Moscow. What you can do with it? How to convert and use in St. Petersburg?
Thank you

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Lady Gaga live?
good afternoon! Information about the beginning of ticket sales for March will come later. Stay tuned to our website.

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depoca no,in the near future will pojavjatsja

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Lady Gaga live?
want to buy 4 tickets for 21 or 22 February in the circus on Fontanka. they already are on sale? if Yes, through Vasmi? interested in those that for 150 p
Thank you