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Where I Can Get Tickets For Katy Perry Concert?

to clarify the situation, we need the phone number which you performed the call to the dispatcher (in order to listen to a recording of the call). Napolitanojanet PM

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please write Your order number.

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power of attorney in any form+ copy of the passport of the payer. Pick up at the Central box office (B. Sampson,7). The order number is also needed.

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How to determine the authenticity of the ticket for this event?

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On the Big Companiescan left office?

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Where I can get tickets for Katy Perry concert?
all information on the event page

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navernoye was referring to the Aerosmith concert in St. Petersburg.
really no tickets in the fan zone.

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you're lucky I got 50!

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Where I can get tickets for Katy Perry concert?
Yes, still with the site kind of trouble! Neither the new nor the old login is not possible.

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Good afternoon, for the Christmas holidays, unfortunately, not all functionality was available, a gift card, you always can order by calling us at tel. 380-80-50

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you can immediately without armor

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Thank you.all forwarded to me.apparently in 9h started working and immediately made

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I accidentally ordered two, bileta need odinic can I cancel one order?

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ordered tickets can be redeem at any of our offices :

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Where I can get tickets for Katy Perry concert?
Please tell me the current.

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Good waterpocket of pozhaluytsa offices for Cohocton to buy a ticket. Or you only have one cashier at metro Ploschad Lenina?

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sent and within what time will be the answer?

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On 1 February Akimova.

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Hello! I really want to buy 2 tickets for the concert at the great Philharmonic hall on December 31. Help to find the budget option. Thank you.

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Where I can get tickets for Katy Perry concert?
shopping Gallery

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Parrington 1.04.17 tickets when you can order???

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Hello,I decided to return the tickets.Got themselves bilatinmen of the order and a check to the amount of the service fee(400 rubles).You have napisannogo still need to have a check about payment,but I have a receipt no.Will I be able to pass back these tickets?

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good day! will there be another batch of tickets for the dance floor to the concert of The Prodigy?

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Where I can get tickets for Katy Perry concert?
Have structurational ticket to the event in 4 places. Ripped. Is it possible to glue it and to use it or have it?

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konechnoe yet

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Where I can get tickets for Katy Perry concert?
Hello, your offices cannot exchange tickets? Purchased on 20 November, but not, I would like to exchange on the 19th. (DK Lensoveta).

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Good evening! Tell me, please, are there any benefits to visit Christmas ideas for large families?

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Good day!
I bought two tickets for Elton John in celebrity parter.
just arrived in Estonianisation in this area DRESS CODE-evening dress and suit.
Without it, tomorrow real in the most expensive area is NOT ALLOWED.
buy sharply in Tallinn and both impossible given the non-standard sizes.
the Cashier why no one bothered to inform temtamy normally customers about all conditions billowy how is that even vozmojnostey with tickets you could not let koncertam more such an expensive ticket.

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Hello! I wanted to know is there any open position of the courier in your company? If estito where to leave information about yourself?

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Good evening !
I did not understand - whether it is possible to buy tickets online?
And somehow all through the operator , you do not want to bother once again ...

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Good day!
tell me we got lost in the rules we want from Moscow to buy through the site the tickets for the concert, which will be only on July 26. Wanted to pay by card,but to get a result at the box office the paper version. But the website, as we understand, says that this ticket, even paid for, will be stored only for five days, and then canceled. We will be in St Petersburg just before the concert. Perhaps we do not understand. Please tell me how to be in this situation. Maybe you can pick up the ticket at the ticket office in Moscow?

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Accessorizer... Ignoring the topic to tickets for Kravitz. Provoke a hike in the Federal service kollektivnaya to write to the Prosecutor's office petitions(((

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and are there any discounts and promotional codes for birthday

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Hello. Faced with such a problem: wanted to buy concert tickets depeche modeкоторый will be held March 4 at the box office cashier in Kazan. We otvetilo this is not possible and tickets can be purchased only at the box office, an STD, or having an e-ticket. At the June concert for us those tickets sold in Kazan. In this regard, I would like to know what are these changes? And is there any way to buy them in Kazan? From Govorushko e-ticket we are not very satisfied. Thanks in advance.

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also, samoei hologram and barcode passport pokazateli. But lately a fake,so the supervisors were doubled vigilance.

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good afternoon. Nambrone lasts 2 days. You can buy billionaire card or through the banks then you will be able to pick up already purchased tickets the day of the concert

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Thank you very much ! Got it !

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konechnoje to change. Specify details of the return in the call center

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the exact numbers we call are not pojemno Yes-less znachitelnoy it and the fan zone

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i.e. via your website, you can buy tickets at promotions? phoned the box office - satalice not!!