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Where I Can Get VIP Packages For Kesha Live?

Cassirer is already clear.
But even in the day of the event everywhere in Tallinn talked about the dress code then - SILENCE.
no Matter how much you buy tickets - the same devil-may-care attitude

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in Leningrad there. Want to diskach box:))?

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netolko return

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will need copy of passport of the payer and a notarized power of attorney.

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Kirill, please call in business hours by phone 380-80-50 and operators will be able to advise You on the procedure of booking tickets.

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Tell me, can I return purchased tickets? If Yes, then how to do it?

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Where I can get VIP packages for Kesha live?
thank you for your comments. We are actively working to finalize the site and try to consider all remarks and wishes. We hope for your understanding.

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and in Petrozavodsk by chance. to buy tickets or just electronic??

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and die waiting for the answer))) I would love to go to the cashier today)

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Where I can get VIP packages for Kesha live?
Postoraysya, the answer is no for two Dakota I have already written a few Razi in feedback on the website too. The problem is not resetnavpane ignored. br>
I can Not go to the old personal Cabinet. I from Ekaterinburg. Through the website, bought a ticket to a concert in another city (Nizhny Novgorod)in a month. I need to know your order number. the
Old account viewedimage sushestvuet with him gone and the room is PAID for the order. HOW can I get a ticket in someone else's gordene having this information??

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Good day! bought tickets to the circus from another planet, and the reflector was not given. He is not subject to share? Cashier on the Avenue of Culture, 1. SPb.

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Where I can get VIP packages for Kesha live?
Thank you,God!;3

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Yes,that's right

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Where I can get VIP packages for Kesha live?
Hello. Tell me, are there any plans in the near future, the production of the musical Chicago to St. Petersburg?

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Where I can get VIP packages for Kesha live?

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when will I answer?😕

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Where I can get VIP packages for Kesha live?
Anyone can snaet the ice Palace on 411 sector, what better place to take - or 12 1516 (to the stage was better, Vidnoe I can't figure out)?

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Why no tickets for Hanukkah in the ice?. On your website napisannogo no tickets. Or is it a mistake?.

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I am interested in order to check the reliability of their company....

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tell whether the new batch of tickets for Linkin Park in the fanzone?

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good afternoon. If the ticket is not dieselprom you to send e-mail to resolve this situation

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does it matter what color my e-ticket? I just have a printer black and white

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2 tickets,they have different bar compo it will be pass

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Yes still hangs(((

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That would have told me this over the phone! and my hours kept in the queue, which is supposedly decreased, and then threw all.

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, Good morning.Yet unfortunately in the process of building the website technical problems, we try to fix it as soon as possible.Thank you for the response.We apologize for the temporary problem.

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thanks , wrote.

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Hello! you have bought an electronic ticket to a concert of Linkin parkerjademerce will return diggikar I do that??

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Hello! Please tell me the gift card number you can determine it is valid still or not?

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Call 8-800-555-07-70продиктуй order number and tell him to cancel it

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to return ballynahattina not podniece 3 days prior to meropriyatiyah us for a refund .

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno whether at the box office in Peter to buy a ticket to the event in Moscow? or I can only buy an e-ticket?

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alteration of the personal account and was the initial difficulty. Everyone who approached us with a similar problem (there were nemnogoe was)solved the problem. As for the room takasato we tested again the service last week at your request - all goes and comes correctly,if pressed, the corresponding checkbox.