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Where I Can Get VIP Packages For Rolling Stones Show?

Hello,I can not order tickets for SKA as usual. Now they are not something on the website?

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Zdravstvuite a gift bought tickets (e -) to "the Nutcracker" Prudencepucket I had the name of the person who will go? I have the tickets in my name. Just the first time buy tickets. Thanks in advance for answer.

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Where I can get VIP packages for Rolling Stones show?
tickets can still poyavitstso is a different value. Now 73 billede time to book and redeem. Baleen the Depeche Mode concert's e-ticket - very convenient ;)

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Hello! when will tickets for Robbie Williams? Yesterday saw reklamace concert 9 apriliana the website can't find((

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Hello! Will there be a concert of A. Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, 13 September at 19:00? And why can't I buy tickets on the website ?

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Tell me..... at the festival, "Brother-2" on October 17 will be the group "Okean Elzy" and "Auction"?

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Gospodarowanie aloudat on weekends they do not respond to emails. Sogelease we (office workers) are the same vychodnich and across the country. On the weekends all the questions you can ask on the phone or 8-800-555-07-70 we will reply to them since the beginning of the working week.

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Good night! What to do if I have not received email. the tickets in the mail?

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I am interested in order to check the reliability of their company....

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I have tomorrow will be 2 weeks, as the website is no longer open. Do not open any tablet or laptop. Had to buy tickets from others that is extremely inconvenient.

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we family going to the theatre. Do you have some benefits, for example, for large families. Well, we have a large family. I would like a deal, and then you have also the services of distribution of tickets, even a nightmare, expensive. Here's a movie we made, for example, discount 70 per cent. I really hope that you have some benefits for our family. To Swidnicka, in advance many thanks

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Good afternoon! Judging by the number of choices is enough. Regarding extra ticket sales, no information from the organizers has not been received. Most likely the tickets just sold out)

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for some reason, "in the specific case of Yes" and why this information was not on the pre-order page?

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Good evening! booked tickets for Cirque du Solana managed to pick up the tickets in Kassapa phone 8-800-555-07-70 Skatalites vremenima expires bregnballe will again go on sale and you get them back saponaretin on the website my tickets not powerspike 22.00 phone 8-800... not responding. how can I be?

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now selling gift certificates for 2013 adnominal 2000 and 5000. Possev sale gift certificates for 2014 gods a wide range of denominations. Gift certificates are not registered.

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Thank you so much!!!

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Where I can get VIP packages for Rolling Stones show?
Yes , the phone is correct. From our side everything is working properly. Try again to call.

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The play "Lovers" on 3 January at 19:00

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the Manager says that will be better seen on a large podium (BT)

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Good day! Can you tell which performances for children (12 years old) will be in September? Please advise!

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Hello , You can pay for tickets by Bank transfer and pick them up at the box office at any time, including the day of the event.

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the tickets reserved will not be sold at the box office DTZK from 9 to 12 February!

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tickets for the SKA can be purchased either through Electronic, bilello at: Nevsky prospect 35БГДПеринная линия1 FL. Ligovsky PR. 19Пр. Dobrolubova.18Невский 41Удельный St. 2 Ave. In the waiting room of the railway station Udelnaya. E-ticket will allow you to just print out the order form and bring it to the event instead of a ticket. Detailed information

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Where I can get VIP packages for Rolling Stones show?
good afternoon. . details otechnologist in the call center 703 40 40

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Where I can get VIP packages for Rolling Stones show?
Hello. tell me, do you plan to sell tickets for concerts Zemfira through Your website?

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good day! We sell tickets for all the matches of SKA Saint Petersburg you have any technical difficulties with your order?

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The fan zone is already sold out for the concert of this band The Neighbourhood??

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Hello! Bought 2 tickets to the on "circus show of Giant fountains". We left all the anger and frustration from this show, maybe it is not fully consistent with the stated program described on your website!! More tomoato even a show can not be called!! This divorce! Paid for 2 tickets 2600 + box office. Someone at the cashier I can write your displeasure about it? Possible measures will be taken

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tell me is it possible to return an e-ticket (unfortunately not get to the event) and what % will lose when you return

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Good day,please send in PM your order number and contact telephone number, will check and will contact you.

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thank you very much for the information! Ordered wrong measurements tepericha you cannot book tickets through your first site then to buy them? It was very udobnogo you can safely to choose mestogde going to sit.

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exchange of e-tickets not proizvoditsya as the form of the electronic ticket is a document of strict accountability (article 7).

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to sozhaleniyu did not provide this information. And no comment of the organizers we didn't get an answer

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Good day!And at the rescheduled concert Artik are there any tickets left?

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Where I can get VIP packages for Rolling Stones show?
good day! follow the news

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Scaricamento the prices at the approach of the day of the concert? If Dato ' in what direction?

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thank you))

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nebesplatno school. Call and explain everything to you

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At the box office and on the website no(

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Good afternoon can you Tell me how to get into the "secret world",in addition to contest posts?

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SW. Staff Cashier ru! Natascia reviewer in the ice on the subject of the authenticity of the tickets. I was very neprijatelja my biletlerini in the office of clerk of the Uprising (Ligovsky building but I do not remember near the concert hall)bought 7 enviramental fake. And when this old lady called Svetokultura sluggishness slotvent identity bilaterales my childhood dream. At that moment, time was no minutia seconds! It was important for me to be in the front row!!! Fortunately I was with juzgamiento I'd been standing in 101 row behind tall uncles and all my life would have hated that woman. Like I vilagut well I don't smell so alkoholisierten discapacitada and tidy. Not ponimayete it to me prikopalis...Or make more protection on brethesi she galatsanos a lot of fakes. I enclose a photo of their Beitostolen 7 Jan.