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Where I Can Order Cheap Tickets For Soundgarden Live?

Hello! Tell me, please, whether you have to sell tickets for the Guano Apes concert that will take place at the club A2, 28.05.2014?....Recently visited several offices of the city, there is only sector, and we have input!

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osmotically what the email address was sent a letter

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netusa right

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I live far away from Peter and offices in our town!

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Good morning, if the ticket we bought and have a receipt, then the ticket on the front side at the bottom is our DTZK strip from the back side of the ticket drawn our logo and contacts.

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to check the status of Your zakisaniya please his number?

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Good evening. The cashier will sell tickets for the playoffs SKA?

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Good day! An hour trying to buy tickets online (20 nabrasyvanija)website hard error. Podskazala defects will be corrected? You still a service fee, Beretta service stability somehow no different. Thanks in advance for the answer.

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really sorry! But if I repeat a similar situation in budesamt You can always pick up a ticket after the event.

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Where I can order cheap tickets for Soundgarden live?
Where in Peter it is possible to print an e-ticket ??

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Where I can order cheap tickets for Soundgarden live?
Have you ever done that?

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Hello. Here's the situation. Last year was to be held the concert of IAMX on October 31. I called and reported touchto the concert was canceled, with the transfer(!) Datei offered to take biletleri to wait for announcement of new dates in 2014. A new date and not objavila it's been almost a year. Can I return money (kachakova)?
Thank you.

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, Good morning. To order tickets you can and online, but unfortunately to pay for the tickets with a gift card, you need to pay in cash.T.e in the end, Yes, you have to go to the cashier.

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Totemporarily. Accidentally lost my voucher from Bretano I still have it. Can I exchange the ticket for a new or you can go with spine ticket and eroded.

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, SMS not there, the mail came. Thank you,the question is removed,tomorrow will buy it.

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in the box two rows.

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Zdravstvuydosvidaniya paid for the ticket via credit card to the concert.After a time comes a payment notification?What else besides the need to show your passport at the cashier to get a ticket?

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, online can not understand why not to do...
Bought with the receipt at the box office and pay there. To pay for three cards. If the cost is greater, then an additional, if less, the difference is not return of course.

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, Good morning.Yes,if suddenly for some reason the order was never otredaktirovat, when it is not paid it will be canceled automatically.Also, you can always call us tel 380-80-50 our and our operators will help you.

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It is on Depeche mode you first, I did not send the tickets desempregada personal account. And then in the second order on the same Depeche mode I haven't received my order number nor pashtuni on the phone! In the end had to spend a lot Chasovnikov and money getting paid. Read ottavini I have one.

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Good day, and tickets for DDT at 6 October can still be purchased

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thank you,the tickets were exchanged :)

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Hello! If You have a gift card you will be able to pay her tickets in one of our offices or order with delivery, this can be done on the website

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Zdravstvuite, I have a question.The fact that my friend(lives in Germany)wants to buy a ticket to the concert of Placebo for me,but book a ticket on the website does not work..Says: Meaning: the cardholder has not passed
authentication technology 3-D Secure.What does it mean and how to fix it?card visa

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Already called and explained the situation in connection with the website updates all the orders disappeared,

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thank you)

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Your order is successfully paid.

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Hello! I purchased tickets for the concert in St. Petersburg (from Kaliningrad)paid online. Tell pojaluisto vozvratilis if you can't get to the concert in some circumstances??

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If the child is 3 years already, you must purchase a ticket. Under 3 years free.

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on Lenin Square - the Central office of the company. In addition it includes more than 40 locations of ticket offices (or service delivery), - choose comfortable :) Neocene matter what kind of event You have and the method of plateto affects the address list.

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Nete matter

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, Please write in private message your number, leave request and call you back.

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Where I can order cheap tickets for Soundgarden live?
Good day!
I was presented with a certificate by mistake Moscow. What you can do with it? How to convert and use in St. Petersburg?
Thank you

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Good afternoon, for the Christmas holidays, unfortunately, not all functionality was available, a gift card, you always can order by calling us at tel. 380-80-50

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Hello. Do You have gift cards? (well, there is a certain amount that a person could then take the ticket for what he wants, using this card)

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Good afternoon! Of course money can be returned. You must fulfill the conditions: . Better to call 3808053 and clarify all the moments return.

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Good afternoon! Yes of course you can. The advantage of ordering the cards on the website is that it is possible to choose individual design.

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Good day! Bought e-tickets to relatives in the giftfor the name they specified my. Problems with the passage they will not?

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Hello! Yes, tickets already are, then you can watch availability

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the flow of information depends on the organizers of the event. At the moment there is no confirmation of the cancellation of the concert.