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Where I Can Order Tickets For Blake Shelton Show?

Mistakenly purchased a ticket for the Korn concert in Moscow, instead of St. Peterburgskogo whether it ammenaties Yes how? Or you need to issue a refund( how to obtain a refund of e-tickets?

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information on refunds:

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good day! For children under 7 years free admission accompanied by a parent

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Good day! Does not work unfortunately go to the show. How to return the ticket? Is it possible to get part of your money back?

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Good dentali question may have already zadavalsya still. Can exchange e-ticket on a normal other person? Or when sharing is necessary my presence?

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You understand correctly, in the receipt it is this division on the amounts.

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Hello. Packagediagnostics to do if you made a ticket purchase for My little pony. The payment went through,SMS about write-offs received. But have not entered the correct email address and the ticket is not came. What to do?

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On Vaenga have tickets?

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Hello. I am interested in a Gift certificate - how to use it? What is it for?

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like the official groups can not answer correctly. I for you to answer: promotion.

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Where I can order tickets for Blake Shelton show?
Kirill, please call in business hours by phone 380-80-50 and operators will be able to advise You on the procedure of booking tickets.

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I took biletlerini on the cashier at the station Chernyshevskoye them there main office! write "explanatory" and get all dangerome box office

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Where I can order tickets for Blake Shelton show?
Good evening !
I did not understand - whether it is possible to buy tickets online?
And somehow all through the operator , you do not want to bother once again ...

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Promo code not valid for the festival Glass and Glass tableoct however, he is involved in the action. it was

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The money is not removed! If not clicked on,then the tickets are automatically cancelled after 30 minutes

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Sdravstvuietoya will start selling tickets for the match ska-CSKA 24th Aug who will?

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I wanted to buy it in the Cashier.. It was e-ticket..

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Question - what I lost in Rozygrysh - where are they?

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We're through You bought one ticket at the box office we were assured that children under 3 without a seat in his mother's arms.

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not seitse in order :)

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Daya had already checked in the morning. But sadly do the same for each city I need a separate account to start? When you change gorode logout and login no longer works. Somehow terribly awkward turns.

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thank you very much for the information.

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the screen resolution is 1280 by 1024.
And the hall is almost any. For example, the theater.Of the Leningrad city Council.
the Mouse, nothing moves.

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Good day! The service fee is provided on all tickets

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Myk sozhaleniya sell tickets to the event(

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Hello,bought tickets at the theater box office,but circumstances tore it possible to somehow restore?show tomorrow

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Unfortunately no( But you can follow the ongoing stock in our website:

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good evening. You konechnoje time))) Who will contact the project Manager and try to resolve your issue))

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Where I can order tickets for Blake Shelton show?
Good day! Seitpagambetov to convert (to another place in the same price category) or pass a ticket to a show of Cirque du Soleil in St. Petersburg on 11 may at 15.00?

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Zdravstvuyte.menya returns for tickets for a concert that was canceled?

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good afternoon,the answers are processed as soon As processing is complete, need to contact.Try to automatically reset your password and check the entered data.

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Different theatres open sale different. In the Comedy theatre.Akimova tickets for February and March are already on sale. Also known repertoire for April, but this month have not yet sold tickets.

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power of attorney in any form+ copy of the passport of the payer. Pick up at the Central box office (B. Sampson,7). The order number is also needed.

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to check your order you can in our call center 703-40-40

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no,it does not. You can take a companion) In the name of not looking,important barcode.