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Where I Can Order VIP Packages For Enrique Iglesias Show?

, SMS not there, the mail came. Thank you,the question is removed,tomorrow will buy it.

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The event tickets without barcode

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thank you for your feedback

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good day! netolko to return and to buy tickets to another number

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Where I can order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias show?
thank you very much

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Where I can order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias show?
thank you.
We have already tried them sweetstone say that it is impossible to do anything.

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the problem is tacto we can't find Your email. Can you send again?

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I also have a not working site. Had no registration book

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thank you very much for titsilini hope)

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I live far away from Peter and offices in our town!

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please write Your order number and we'll find out why.

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Good day! Ordered tickets for the concert, took the best of those that were. Pay online by card immediately. You can see today that there were tickets closer to the stage. Is it possible to exchange and how (I live in another city, to personally can not)?

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that is, I can not use this promotion code?

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On 1 February Akimova.

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most importantly - keep the e-ticket bereznytsia deformation or copying by third parties. All what is required at the entrance is a unique bar code.

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hope was gone :DD Thanks for odweyne will drive friends there)

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Where I can order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias show?
Is it possible to return an e-ticket?

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Tell me, please, if the usher section or something like that, where you can watch the ranking of performances that you can see what is to go, and each time, as you will get, in most cases, you get to play dull, uninteresting???

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better at Ivan, Dornau we can search to see the availability of tickets to any concert

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Where I can order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias show?
very sorry (((((and I was so happy ((((

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testcontent will be held March 4 100% Yubileyny? In case of cancellation of the concert will return us the money for the tickets?

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How much are your booking rests? booked a ticket for tomorrow meroprijatie to buy now is not uspeyut as the nearest cashier to 20.00. Tomorrow to hours to 12 days your booking will remain?

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Good afternoon, I have a certificate for 5000 rubles, I can use it only once, or to split up don't use the entire amount?

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the tickets turned out to be Elizabeth. Dear viewers: please specify your correct data!!!

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The Value Of E. tickets are the same as ordinary ticket at the box office, i.e., 10% service. After purchase email. of the ticket it will come directly to Your email. mail and it will simply need to print.

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Podskazhite. bought 2 tickets. I 2 e-ticket print out is necessary? both single order number, and in principle they are one to one.

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Where I can order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias show?
please write the order number?

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Hello,tell me,and to the show "dangerous boys" the tickets will be???

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Hello! If the ticket is paid online and selected delivery method:pick up yourself. It is impossible for an e-ticket to change in any way?

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bought e-ticket,opptil on the map,there was written that you can without registration. it's the soap that the payment is successful,then I zaregalsya,and links to print out your ticket there! what to do? a ticket for placebo and Peter 7 Jul

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Where I can order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias show?
Thanks for Your message. We are working hard to improve our service

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Good day! Tell me please, when's the next event "the Second ticket for 1 rbl"?

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Hello! Please tell me when will be on sale the tickets for "Tanz der vampire" in January 2013?

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Good morning, sorry if this is a regular tickets( not electronic), all tickets are strict reporting forms, and we can't restore them.