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Where I Can Order VIP Packages For Zara Larrson Concert?

Hello! I ordered two tickets in the electronic form in your name. Does that's what I can't take it with you to the event your touristic as the name on the ticket does not match?

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Packagediagnostics go to the payment card from the personal account?

Several times I had to repeat the order to the concert of Brainstorm in Nizhny Novgorod (I from Ekaterinburg)if payment is not made mgnovennoe then pay?

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Hello. I bought 3 of the electronic ticket in his name. I myself go not MOGANO friends want to go. Can I take one ticket? If Dato how to do it? And will let my friends to the event bietamiverine me?

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we Reducto was able to help ;)

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to the operator I have no complaints.
just order status gift cards does not correspond to the table of decoding>I had it "confirmed", and the gradation not:

"order status:
Not confirmed Orders, which You have not confirmed are cancelled through 40 minutes after selection of tickets.
In the treatment of Executed orders that are in process.
Cancelled - Orders that have been cancelled by You or expired automatically by the ticketing system. The order can be cancelled only fully.
Decorated - Orders ready to issue. Record number to receive tickets or print out the order form.
Purchased by Orders which were received the tickets."

so I was worried that a call from Your company is present, that the order ADOPTED in the work.
the courier takes the cards, so that's all right was.

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On Thursday, all the tickets will be cheaper?

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why my question went unanswered?

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tried to buy on the website tickets online for the Bank.the map 15 iulya in terms of registration stoitcho tickets need to pick up today or tomorrow - it is not acceptable for me on condition that I live far away from Peter((( - why not to buy a number of the order and before the concert at the box office to take ticket on the spot?

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pre-order is to ensure that the audience could have time to make an order for interesting places. Further, these same tickets go on public sale. We never inform you about the open sales start individualnost in the news. Calling applications ideally you didn't call wait. For speedy answers to all your questions, you can call our contact centre 812 703 40 40

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tell me is it possible to get a job since I was 17?

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Hello! Yesterday I bought the tickets when the payment was not option "e-ticket". Is it possible to get e-tickets?

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Where I can order VIP packages for Zara Larrson concert?
I also can not open more the website from a laptop in any browser... Wireless modem the Megaphone. At work with a desktop computer opens like normal. Phone (MTS) too, but it's inconvenient options. At home I usually buy tickets through your website.

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This afternoon I booked a ticket without the check-in could waitina the mail came opovestit the order has been paid and the e-ticket on your website this place is still displayed as free. Why? Not can someone else buy a ticket to this place?

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno to return concert tickets Brit Floyd the 24th of October?

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Hello! Decided to ask popronde found no place(((. When will sale of tickets for the touring Cirque du Soleil?

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Tell me please,is it possible to book electronic tickets for some time and not to buy? And if possible,how to do it?

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Sell 2 tickets for the concert in St. Petersburg, 26 December at 20: 00 in DK Lensoveta row 17 seats 24 and 25. The ticket price was 4500 RUB. Really wanted poutine today aznalco corporate on that date.

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Where I can order VIP packages for Zara Larrson concert?
How and where can I take the ticket?

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in a personal message please write the order number.

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Hello, I purchased tickets to the Youth theatre on the Fontanka. Was the pdf icon, i.e. have the ability to e-tickets. Paid the order by credit card, and in the letter they sent me a list of theatrical box office, where I have to pick up the tickets. This is so? Why you need somewhere else to go, and I can't send tickets by email. mail?

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Where I can order VIP packages for Zara Larrson concert?
Sell tickets to the New 3D musical "JULIET &ROMEO" from the creators of POLA NEGRI.
One ticket on 28.01.2015 at 20: 00. The first floor of seredinka 9место 4. Will politicologist about the price.

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Where I can order VIP packages for Zara Larrson concert?
good disibility after their salinosporamide the system. Tickets at the box office of the Ice can bittage when they are not on the website cashier.

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Good day!
Podskagite I bought an electronic bilateralization. I'm unable to exchange them for regular tickets? And as delatosso is this possible?
Thank you)

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good day! photo of ticket to BOS

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Hello! When the usher will open the sale at the Golden gramophone (Ice Palace 26.11.2016). The cashier did trades, and you do not. And we are bound to gift certificates exactly of usher(((((

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it's a single ticket.
he at all the museums

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A raffle for coupons already spent? I can't find information. Thank you!

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, Good morning.No ,nothing has changed, try again. If that doesn't work, call us by phone 380-80-50 and will help you with the purchase of tickets.

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Good afternoon. When you have an event for the cat. came tickets?

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Where I can order VIP packages for Zara Larrson concert?
And I needed to see any performances in the near future I'm interested in busy artist, and I haven't been able to get this information on the website, although earlier that no problems had arisen.

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data can be done in our Central box office.

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added .waiting for an answer))

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please write Your e-mail - I will inform you about the conditions of return.

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exchange the ticket can only be his buyer. As for authenticity - we can't give a 100% garantizarse your e-ticket can be multiplied many times by the previous user

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Dear viewers, here You can leave a short questions concerning events, tickets, delivery options, etc. of the website Consultants will respond to You. Attention, if You need detailed information on a particular event, You will be able to get it at (812) 3808050.

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Paid the ticket,but as a "Feature" worth the wait,because today is Sunday?Whether the money is returned in case of cancellation?

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thank you!

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Yes , there are gift cards DTZK denominations of 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 rubles. More information about gift cards You can read on our website

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Yesterday to buy smogonite osibajo this code cannot be applied. Give explanation please

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Hello! And on the 21st the pilot of the tickets do not curled?

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unfortunately I will not be able to Orient You concerning the work of the employees of the Mail - but all polyarizovannymi to address companiesthese courier.

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What time is the valid ordering of tickets prior to their payment in cash?

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will need copy of passport of the payer and a notarized power of attorney.

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All polucilasi thanks for the help in situatiile fault was completely ours!

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well, this is you can answer only the cashier

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Hello! October 16, bought tickets to the concert of "Alice" (November 22) .

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My friend bought 2 tickets to my name,the money for which I also made. She soon announced that will not be able to go to this concert,so she decided to sell the ticket ,and threw my me. But I'm afraid that I can not miss,it's my friend,but myself, I have the receipt on transfer of money on her card and a photo of her passport. I miss the concert?

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Where I can order VIP packages for Zara Larrson concert?
please answer.

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Good morning! Elena said all right. In fact the certificate is the equivalent of the money ie if multiple certificates, you can"be used simultaneously, if not enough, you can pay extra money (up to the shortfall)

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