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Where I Can Purchase Cheap Tickets For Rihanna Concert?


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Probably the question is not there,but I'll try.. anyone Have the experience of visiting rock concerts? Podskazhite need to do and how mastectomy to be in the front row of the fan zone? How many hours to come, and maybe there are some effective techniques? Ask for detailed advice from teckto has a real experience)))

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
on the fan website it says that the concert 18.10.13 straw in A2

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and what to specify in paragraph payment? Not entirely understood and it is possible in this case, the additional charge if not within the limit gift card ?

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Here imenno also this discount was never found!

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please answer.

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most likely you enter the wrong promo code

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Yeah they may be redeemed at the following offices 1. Seating Dorianna линия13-Pervy floor.
2. Ligovsky PR. d. 19 (In the Oktyabrsky big concert hall)
3. Tverskaya St. 7 (Central office)
4. Opposite the entrance to the metro station "Specific". Train station/ticket office in the waiting room
5. PR. Dobrolubova.18РІС…РѕРґ No. 11 (SK Anniversary)
6. Nevsky PR., 41(Office of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace)

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other slowlypushed in the cashier it's something like the usual ordered a month after the start of official sales?

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she's just in a different horodinca in any way?
and if it will change in Ekaterinburge?

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Hello, I also want to sign up for SMS promotions

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to return accepted tickets to the company not later than three business days prior to the event. Service fee and cost of service delivery is not refundable.

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if I want to return militocracy the application and the required Documenta letter gets lost or long ittiest any time?

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tickets for this concert are not sold in other regional otdelenije subagency offices.

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
is it possible to return the tickets to the concert of Todes tomorrow in the concert hall?

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Hello I bought tickets to
Krasnoyarsk in your network banks on a
sensation 2012 here noticed that
the ticket is no barcode and
then I saw a friend they have
tickets too but the cashier with a bar code and many other
companies,it is present at
the tickets senseyshena! Why
some of the missing tickets
barcode and the rest of it is?
and miss me with these tickets without the bar,and say that
determine the authenticity of the tickets
bar code at the entrance that I
do then if not empty? Then a friend took the ticket for the senseyshena,two tickets came out without the barcode,he abandoned them and the next two came with a bar code.can be something that is not dopechatnye ticket?

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Hello! Do you have gift certificates?

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Good afternoon,I have a question,want to buy tickets to the ballet,but have no way to know what day people will be off,will it be possible to change the date of flight or return?or change to another ballet?if people can't come that day on which you take a ticket,there may be an opportunity to buy an open ticket?

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Hello. Purchased a ticket for the concert of Stas Piekha.Novgorodin concert to go does not work on family obstoyatelstvakh to return the money for the ticket. where to apply and how to write a statement? Thank you in advance.

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write a letter with complete information on the address

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as you dobricanin. But thank you for sharing information about problems. Will eliminate disadvantages for new customers) good Luck!

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Clear.Sorry I didn't wait.It's usually rather fast.They work from 10: 00. Thank you for the review.

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tell me,on the shares bought tickets for the Wizard of Oz and Toto on March 12,applied 50% discount, the ticket was 900p, and now without action tickets at 900p on the same row.How can this be? Purposely price inflated in 2 times? It is not pretty. Tickets to other theatres have been discounted as stated. Why actors rose in price action?

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To apply for a refund sledstvennogo not podniece 3 days before the event to come to the Central office at a Large Сампсониевский7:
from 15:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Thursday)
15:00 to 17:00 (Friday)
! You must have a ticket and Russian passport. The service fee is not refundable.

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good day!can

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Good evening! Please tell me which theaters are participating in the rally on February 14?

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On the Big Companiescan left office?

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?

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and why in Moscow the group write that the return ticket is available on the e-ticket??

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gift cards DTZK denominations of 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000 and 15000 rubles.

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Booked tickets on Omrny you can redeem at any ticket office?

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Please tell me, is there such a service as a gift certificate for theatre tickets with an open date?

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good afternoon. We apologize( We eliminate the problem. SMS stopped coming?

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and the cashier can verify the certificate ?

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Paid the ticket,but as a "Feature" worth the wait,because today is Sunday?Whether the money is returned in case of cancellation?

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good day! Yes

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
Hello! you have bought an electronic ticket to a concert of Linkin parkerjademerce will return diggikar I do that??

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It is possible to give the tickets back to back?

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if I live in Moscow, how to buy a ticket?
where it in Moscow it is possible to buy or receive?

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while it is in effect. Private offices: -Tverskaya St. 7 (Central office). Tel.+7 (812) 703-40-40; +7 (921) 999-10-43< br>
-Opposite the entrance to the metro station "Specific". Rail station/ticket office in the waiting room. Tel.+7 (812) 970-71-20 / +7 (911) 849-27-95< br>
-PR. Dobrolubova.18РІС…РѕРґ No. 11 (SK Anniversary). Phone:+7 (921) 999-10-52

-Nevsky prospect 41(Office of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace). Phone:+7 (812) 315-52-36

-Seating Dorianna линия13-Pervy floor. Phone: +7 (812) 970-77-39

-Ligovsky PR. d. 19. Opposite concert hall Oktyabrsky. Phone:+7 (812) 715-29-17

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Good afternoon,prompt please, I want to buy a ticket for the musical "the Demon"
is there a way to know what actors will play in any given day?

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Good evening! Is it possible to return the ticket for personal reasons?

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
thank you very much!

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
the input is a ticket to the dance floor. If you bought a place in sectorto advanced you purchase does not need

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
what to do does not pay on the website

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
but not the 2nd

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
glad it works, thank you for your feedback

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Good afternoon! You need to call 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to return the money.

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very sorry. Davolno often buy you tickets and "compliments" no. At the casino promotions/discounts on tickets are offered, and you have nothing yet. Once in many years, by accident at the checkout I read about the discount in the theater shelter comedians.

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I'm afraid of 12...
the Site will hold? Or massive entry of visitors will not issue tickets?

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Where I can purchase cheap tickets for Rihanna concert?
can potatopolice to Central office (B. Sampson,7) with a passport and e-ticket

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Good day! Bought e-tickets to relatives in the giftfor the name they specified my. Problems with the passage they will not?

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with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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Hello!!! Bought your cash, 2 tickets to the concert. Home zametica part of the bar code on the tickets badly stamped. I'm afraid the scanner at the entrance may not recognize. Let me to the concert?????

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tickets are on sale at our website

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This information we have added to Your appeal (which you have written to our experts). When replying, all of this will take into account.