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Where I Can Purchase Tickets For 30 Seconds To Mars Show?

Hello,I have a question. How many tickets I can buy on the stock "Super Thursday" ?

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People,please help!
girls going tomorrow to buy 2 e-ticket from the cashier.I'll take her money,she will tell me the password of the Cabinet,I'll go and print .At the entrance to the concert I will not ask the passport for proof of identity?(I bought the tickets)have now just this one person scared.
Thank you!

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For payment it is necessary that the basket had tickets with the same method receive. To remove the tickets from the trash can only the user.

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Good day, based on your description specifically the Small hall of the Ice Palace, the organizers can acccess the dance floor, never to open it, most likely for this event there is no dance floor, so no ticket for him.
For more information you can call us by phone 380-80-50

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you can take those tickets and buy new ones in the Central casteele you don't like it.

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Hello,please tell me the prices of the tickets for the performance "kysya"?

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the tick may not put

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want to buy El. bilette wypalania to continue and nothing proiskhodit to do?

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email request or call 380-80-50

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And another question - e-ticket to print color or black and white?

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Hello! Can I exchange the e-ticket to paper? Thank you!

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Good afternoon.Yesterday got 2 tickets to the concert of Evgeny Margulis on February 23 at the club cosmonaut. I can't because ill girl called the club,said that the return of tickets is only made when cancellation or postponement of the event.What to do in this situation?

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Where I can purchase tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars show?
Thank you! The site works!

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Where I can purchase tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars show?
I just brought the order about the cancellation of the event 20.09:( Alas. Return tickets at the box office of the club. Service charge - the CASHIER

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Regarding my question: I Have had the confirmation of the order in "my orders"but the SMS never came. (plus absent-term deistvia.e. as if the draft confirmation). Apparently you had to rewrite this number on a piece of paper and then go to buy (like I'm sorry a couple of years ago in a queue to pay elektroenergetyczny with their performance). A ticket for Aerosmith (to sozhaleniyu area sold to You only) we'll stop by lichnostyami site will no longer be used. A ticket for Depeche Mode bought on principle.

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The action is still going

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Where I can purchase tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars show?
Hello. Packagediagnostics to do if you made a ticket purchase for My little pony. The payment went through,SMS about write-offs received. But have not entered the correct email address and the ticket is not came. What to do?

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the answer in HP

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producto concert Gaga PROHIBITS the admission of persons under 16 years?

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understood, thank you for your answer!

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the task of the CASHIER.RU was to return the money for the tickets. Information about the transfer of the concert for an indefinite period was granted a year ago.

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Here you have only relative of Peter? Or about the Moscow event is also possible to ask?

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Hello! The ticket is valid and no receipt for the service, but usually check myself to make a ticket or put in the envelope with the tickets.

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tickets learned to fake it very well. do not buy hand

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Hello I bought tickets to
Krasnoyarsk in your network banks on a
sensation 2012 here noticed that
the ticket is no barcode and
then I saw a friend they have
tickets too but the cashier with a bar code and many other
companies,it is present at
the tickets senseyshena! Why
some of the missing tickets
barcode and the rest of it is?
and miss me with these tickets without the bar,and say that
determine the authenticity of the tickets
bar code at the entrance that I
do then if not empty? Then a friend took the ticket for the senseyshena,two tickets came out without the barcode,he abandoned them and the next two came with a bar code.can be something that is not dopechatnye ticket?

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Good day! Tell me, please, is it possible for the ticket to cross out-to paint-to seal the price (not seen it there)? you will not have any problems while passing control directly?

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Can't login to your account. After a few attempts in, but no orders!!!! How to print an e-ticket! I was in a panic!!!!!

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When will I get this information ?

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Where I can purchase tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars show?
Good dangde you can take the promo code?

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when will I answer?😕

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Where I can purchase tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars show?
the question "Podskazala 22 Feb voice and sound "live"?" - only alive

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You can place 2 different orders, or call on the phone 380-80-50 the operator will issue You with an order.

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Where I can purchase tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars show?
When will I get this information ?

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Good afternoon! Discounts or special conditions for families with many children provide spectacular companies. Usually there are discount tickets to the aquarium and exhibitions (for example: )