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Where To Buy VIP Packages For Florida Georgia Line Live?

you're lucky I got 50!

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Hello it is Possible to swap tickets for the same event, at the same price, but on a different date. Talking about "Mother" . in the Anniversary.

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Good afternoon! Phone 380-80-50, check with the operators as You do in this situation.

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Zdravstvuyte.vsey tried to purchase two tickets. When you try to pay by credit card failed to pay failed. br>
Today I wanted to try to pay for was founded in to "My orders" there are these billino with the status "pending PAYMENT". There is no knapkin any other way to pay.

How can I do it?

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There was a 90% discount and Nutcracker in DK Lensoveta. But in 1-30 only a couple of tickets left.

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good afternoon! This means that the organizer of the event for any reason stopped selling. It is possible that the sale will open late or will cancel the event.

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Hello, may I know why can't I access the booking in cash? because of this I missed the right ticket! Until then ordered 24.08 and took on the trail. day, but in the personal Cabinet still has not appeared the words "Redeemed," the reason for this or is it a failure?

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Packagediagnostics go to the payment card from the personal account?

Several times I had to repeat the order to the concert of Brainstorm in Nizhny Novgorod (I from Ekaterinburg)if payment is not made mgnovennoe then pay?

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Where to buy VIP packages for Florida Georgia Line live?
Hello! at the Metallica concert e-tickets to print in color or b & W?
thanks in advance

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Good afternoon.Gift cards standard design You can buy at any TK our network. The availability of maps for a specific value You can specify by phone: 380-80-50

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Good morning, while this information is not available. Stay tuned to our website.

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The event tickets without barcode

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where you bought the ticket?

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thank you:) And specifically at 9 podium will still be tickets?)

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Where to buy VIP packages for Florida Georgia Line live?
Hello! My daughter ironed the ticket to the concert of iron( it turned black in places, can you please tell whether it will miss with such a concert ticket?

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If in search to type the words in the SATYRICON, RAIKIN or Richard, the site is on any of the options gives you a link to the event.

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Open sales to the concert of Elena Vaenga 28 and 31 January!

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we solve this issue.As soon as we have the answer-we all will be informed.

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Linkin Park it is removed?

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, ahahahaha

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Hello, Valeria. In order for the validity of the order was extended to the day and the start of the event, you must send the form paid receipt scanned copy or a clear photo of the receipt.

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the cashier can find Your order by name. View order status under "my orders" on the home page - it needs to be ready - then the tickets can be redeemed.