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Where To Get Cheap Tickets For Gorillaz Concert?

Tell me, can I return purchased tickets? If Yes, then how to do it?

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Where and how?)

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Good day!
Interested in the play "Intrigue and love" on 26 and 27.01. On your site there are tickets only starting from the 3rd row, and tickets for the first and the second row is using you to gain?
And the second question, we are from the city of eagle, how can we get the tickets? Can it be done on the day of the show?
Thank you!

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Probably not cherish. Schitayuchto need to continue to succeed. So we will continue to deal with nimin what grounds tickets are invalid.

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tried to book independently and it worked. The Ice Palace we have been working in the online regenerator if the selected location cannot be book - perhaps it is already sold out. To book tickets You can also call 8(800)555-07-70 or write me a personal message ;)

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Zdravctvyite.podskazhite: when you buy a gift certificates long it will be valid; if the certificates for the 1500; they registered or not?

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vestima looking to just cash in kartino ticket got :)

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want to buy El. bilette wypalania to continue and nothing proiskhodit to do?

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
and why in Moscow the group write that the return ticket is available on the e-ticket??

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Hello! So far we have information from the organizers has not been received.

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thank you)

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Hello.I have purchased a gift card for 1000.Can I buy a concert ticket Little big with this card?If you can,in all represented the box office?Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to change the electronic tickets on the regular?

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
good day, all the questions about vacancies you can email our HR Department at

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it is just one of those performances. The tickets need to be booked in advance, the audience keep track of the beginning of sales in advance. At this moment the tickets are for March, order, please!

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Hello. I need 2 tickets for Kasabian concert in Moscow. I live in St. Petersburg,can I order them through your website,pay by card and pick up at your office in St. Petersburg?

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I was told that there is a discount - I never found fair. Asked to throw the link is ignored. Think can submit a collective complaint for cheating

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Yes,it is

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?

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have you tried to buy a ticket on the website after 12?

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Zdravstvuyte want to return the ticket to the concert of Travisкоторый was supposed to be in Moscow on November 27. I can do it in the Central ticket office on Nevskiy PR. 7 ?

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SW. the staff responsible for the website. Before me , the teacher, was very convenient to pick up the play by author. Gaining Pushkin and Bunin, and popping all the performances on this topic. Now faced with the fact that the new format is already impossible. It's more difficult.... maybe possible to do something?

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can't pay
gives "the order number is being processed"
what to do?

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Zdravstvuyte will podskazivaet there still tickets for Placebo?

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I want now (while space is available) using your website to order tickets for 26.07, with a credit card, but physically they will only after 20.07 (when you arrive in St. Petersburg). Is this possible? Do I need separately to agree on the timing of the receipt?

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Catherine.A barcode can be read multiple times?

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Packagecategory ordered biletiv how long I can take?

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Nastavljene on the abolition of hanging and wall groups on the wall of my page and on the website of the Cashier in the news.

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the rest of the tickets not raspadaetsya value increased in connection with a change in the General economic situation in the country.

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It is possible to give the tickets back to back?

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when you receive sale tickets on 27.02.2014 Irina Krug in St. Petersburg, and until You get through ((

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On our website, on the main page right above the calendar there is a button "All fields".

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The great Philharmonic hall this year, does not distribute the tickets to their concerts through the city theatre box offices. The sale comes only a commercial event that rent space. Will this concert for sale, we do not know beforehand. If the sale will be, information can be seen on our website.

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don't know

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Where to get cheap tickets for Gorillaz concert?
Sorry,but no. Two days went in theatrical cash desks DTZK M. Park Pobedy and the Park Pobedy by looking at the availability of tickets for the play Rag doll 3 Feb 18.00 on this tab. I was refused a ticket and told that the tickets can only be purchased by ordering them on the phone 380-80-50.( (Tickets are available still,but just buy them in cash is not possible.

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unfortunately on the dance floor with a ticket for a seat you will not be allowed. The ticket must pass and buy new

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Good afternoon! Unfortunately I can not say exactly. Every day we update the information on the website about the work of Cass

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Gospodarowanie aloudat on weekends they do not respond to emails. Sogelease we (office workers) are the same vychodnich and across the country. On the weekends all the questions you can ask on the phone or 8-800-555-07-70 we will reply to them since the beginning of the working week.

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Whether at the box office handing out posters after the last concert?