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Where To Get Tickets For Paul McCartney Concert?

Good dangde you can take the promo code?

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could you send a scan of the ticket?

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at the entrance check is not poprosite do have to give a check for the service fee. At one hand you do not get a check?

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Good morning, please, call at tel. 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you exactly if this is possible.

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Good afternoon.I have purchased e-tickets for top gear on 29число,nachto it all,happy,happy)
But after reading reviews in the Internet about that someone turned out to be the tickets are not valid,one was a duplicate with anyone else and were fighting for seats and etc.

Tell me,whether the truth can be such a problem, and if Dato how to deal with it?

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The fan zone is already sold out for the concert of this band The Neighbourhood??

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Guys what promo code to the cashier ?and how to get it?)

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Hello!We bought tickets for 7 January at the show "the Nutcracker" at the Ice Palace through your website.E-tickets sent colorful+there is still a lot of advertising.We have a printer in black and white!!Why so much paint to harass and why on the tickets this curry,I can't print now!!!!
How do I now get the normal tickets?

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Good! Important - when purchasing enter the promo code and then the price change (given the stated discount)

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Dear viewers, here You can leave a short questions concerning events, tickets, delivery options, etc. of the website Consultants will respond to You. Attention, if You need detailed information on a particular event, You will be able to get it at (812) 3808050.

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Why no tickets for Hanukkah in the ice?. On your website napisannogo no tickets. Or is it a mistake?.

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good evening. Probably wise to monitor this group BDT. As a different option at the moment(

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we have electronic

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we charge 10% service charge when you buy tickets. It is not refundable in case of delivery of tickets.

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Can someone tell me?Bought tickets to Ice in the Lazarev,a number of 27 stalls,there will be good visible?

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And another question - e-ticket to print color or black and white?

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Hello! at the Metallica concert e-tickets to print in color or b & W?
thanks in advance

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Tell me, for a concert of Rammstein in the 6-th and 2-th sector which places closer to the center of the room? First or last?

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
good day! We apologize for the delay in response. Take away paper tickets only gorodisce the ticket was purchased. But you can always apply for an electronic biletii only need to print.

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I would like osnatel concert 30 oktyabryata I would like to book two tickets... but paying in junethe possible? just the tickets are a gift for yubileya due to the fact that all monies eats remonto volnuyuschih will not be able to place an order.

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Hello!and is possible to extend your booking?

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Hello ! How did you get to work?

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Please zdravctvyite.podskazhite about service sboren is you always napryagaet or I'll buy one of your box office tickets online it not not be?

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Zdravstvuyte paid for the ticket Bank perevodom to take him to the day of the concert.To what period can I return belatedly fail to attend the event?

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on the website relevant informatiediensten the event.

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Good afternoon. Is it possible to replace the ticket (electronic ticket)is not a return and replacement? Bought on the dance floor (input)would like to swap for seats

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Tell me pojaluista my ticket without a bar code while everyone else with a barcode? Bought at the Central ticket office at B. Sampson D. 7.

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thank you))

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Where to get tickets for Paul McCartney concert?
Please,always happy to help.

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Good afternoon! Yes, Gift certificates are of different denominations and designs