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Where To Get Tickets For Placebo Date?

napolitanas question by email they will be able to help you.

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
Hello. Tell me, please, just play "Summer of the same year" moved from 20.02.2012 g 26-04.2012? In the repertory, this play is not for April 26. I would not want to be in an embarrassing situation...... Thank you.

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I called to 21 hours, I was put in the queue

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detailed information about upcoming performances by the link -

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Zdravstvuyte.vsey tried to purchase two tickets. When you try to pay by credit card failed to pay failed. br>
Today I wanted to try to pay for was founded in to "My orders" there are these billino with the status "pending PAYMENT". There is no knapkin any other way to pay.

How can I do it?

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
Nakonechna! Read more here

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Why no tickets for Hanukkah in the ice?. On your website napisannogo no tickets. Or is it a mistake?.

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Good day! Managerial issue: early booking and confirmation came not only to e-mailno and SMS on TF - very convenient. Now for some reason, only e-mailhot number of TF in a private office set. Is it possible to return a confirmation on TF? =)

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Hello! lost e-ticket. pick up at the box office did not. the confirmation email was exactly. can specify databinary etc.
how can I restore or resend? thank you

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
tickets are on sale at our website

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good afternoon! You can get your ticket anytime before the event.

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Click on advertising campaign - it's empty. What does it mean?

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After the next update of the site normally does not work search on sites, through viewing tour events. Strange "of Usher" and desire for change that bring only inconveniences!

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
Hello! Is it possible to purchase a gift card through cash DTZK? Or it exists only in electronic form?

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
the ticket sales opened. Call 380-80-50, or purchase tickets at our box office.

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is such an action.

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tickets in the process of putting on sitescore you'll all see!

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Today I bought a ticket. And nicehouse on the ticket there is no sticker? Well, the gold shimmering. Just in the pictures it is everywhere

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in case of a dispute, you can ask pasporti then the name in the passport must match the name on the ticket (inacheves suspect in the forgery and don't miss). The disputable situation can arise if the barcode is not italcantieri clearly stamped or razmelchenija someone else with the same barcode had already passed to the event. Therefore do not let anyone copy your bilety do not place free photo of barcode. If the barcode is in paradeta a small blot when printing on other parts of the ticket are valid. Print still on what the printer is black and white or color

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e-ticket is not refundable

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And how to do it?

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Podskazivaet will do the tickets on the day of may 27 for a concert of classics at the Palace? Like remember that year you could buy your ticket for the money, 2000-3000 for a limited number of seats that are there ( the rest is standing room is free)

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at the same event I bought e-tickets in September and now. They differ in external widebody valid and Thea other?

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
hi, tickets can get either the cardholder or someone he delegates this right. The card holder can fill the statement-the order and You can pick tickets at any theater box office.

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why you have an age limit on the concert of One Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?how old can I go?

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You can pay cash and get tickets more expensive than the card value. If You take the tickets cheaper, the difference will not be refunded.

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Hello. Do not understand where to find a promotion code for concerts.

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
Share on 14.02 held ugly, in 40 min. to sell all the tickets to 22 of the theatre is impossible, even if the box office 60, because the computers were frozen, and in the Moscow metro in Aviation computer was switched on only 11 when . It is better not to take action when you don't know, people were just irritated, late for work, and students in the Institute.

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we only SPb cassiciacum can't answer your sopronpuszta address: It management company

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e-ticket is not refundable

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my husband,thank you)

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Thank you!

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and where you bought the ticket?

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allowed accompanied by an adult companion (better than parents)

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unfortunately, when ordering from the website and there is no option to "pick up myself".
Only by courier or in electronic form

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entrance to the event provide the employees of the venue. In Your scenario, you should have no difficulty the damage is minimal and do not affect important parts of the ticket.

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
the tickets for March are, along with the performance you need to choose the dates of those tickets ARE, not the dates that we would like. The event sold out, so we would recommend You to buy the tickets in advance. The reference to the date on which you can book tickets on the website:

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Hello! You have bought e-tickets in the Ice was torecovery via Alfa-click. At the time of booking to my mail came a letter about tomoto ordering oformlennoe which was immediately produced PlateSpin. But the tickets never came. What to do?

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
I correctly ponimayuchto you aidecad all the rest and forget? I sent You a letter with acknowledgment of receipt a formal statement to both your addresses. The notification I received and as it States the delivery date 27.08.2014 - it's been more than 10 days. To me, no one communicates, and not trying to solve the issue. Nagiosgrapher to the claim in the Federal service. If she will conceive, deistviia write all this groppetti filed similar.

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email request or call 380-80-50

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everything works correctly since IE 10. We raise the question razrabotchikom so

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Good afternoon.Please check now,all should earn,all updated and running.

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I'm 15 friend 16. Can I go to a concert of Simple Plan or need accompanied by an adult?

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how do I pay for the tickets with kiwi purse? there's a big Summa to pay does not work

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Where to get tickets for Placebo date?
Sell two tickets for the concert of Leps 17.12!!!

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the list of offices is on our website -