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Where To Get VIP Packages For Aerosmith Date?

, Good morning.At the moment it is the payment online by gift card no.For example, you can choose the payment method upon receipt of the order and have to pay for the order made through the website, at any of our theater box office, because when you pay with the gift card removed.
for more information you can call us on tel 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to do in this case.

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it is necessary to invite him to St. Petersburg!!!I think much it would be ....

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and all the order status napisannogo order is cancelled. Dumitrache now do not call

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tell me is it possible to return an e-ticket (unfortunately not get to the event) and what % will lose when you return

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can't buy through website tickets to the Alexandrinsky on the 15th. Help, please.

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Trying autoritatea on the website and place an order for electronic tickets. But I reference their letters sent on e-mail will not let me into the office. Writes - "an unexpected error has Occurred.Try to use search or start with home page". How to be? (Tried autoritatea using your account in Vkontakte)

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Good afternoon. Tell me how and where I can view the children's repertoire?From 5 years old. Thank you

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Hello! Can't find the contest results for the Prodigy ( Your text: 11 September, we summarize the results of raffle among the subscribers in Instagram and Vkontakte!)

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Good afternoon. In August booked theatre tickets with the help of your service. Booked for two performances. At first the tickets were purchased through your site, the second via the online form for purchase on the website of the BDT, but as I understand it, too through your system. Then came the notification that the forms are e-tickets to the orders on 25 July 2016 24 August 2016 is no longer valid and need to download the tickets from your personal account on the website. The question is: in your account on the website I have tickets only for one performance - the tickets I bought directly on the website. Do I need to change the tickets for a performance in the theatre, which I bought via their online form (the ticket ), and if so, how to do it?

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don't know

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Good day! If I order a ticket choose "Self pick up at any ticket office CASHIER.RU"that I can take the ticket to St. Petersburg? You can do it in the checkout Cascinarimini Yekaterinburg?

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If the child is 3 years already, you must purchase a ticket. Under 3 years free.

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To apply for a refund sledstvennogo not podniece 3 days before the event to come to the Central office at a Large Сампсониевский7:
from 15:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Thursday)
15:00 to 17:00 (Friday)
! You must have a ticket and Russian passport. The service fee is not refundable.

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the return is made on 27.11.13 10.12.13 at the address: B. Sampsonievsky PR. 7.
mon. on Thurs. from 15:00 to 18:00РїС‚. from 15:00 to 17:00.
you should have a blank bilatinmen order and passport.

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Good day!
Prompt on the Depeche Mode concert the 13th of July. Bought a ticket to the fan zone and another package "early admission". It will be organized by the start-up of those who have the most "early admission"? Will there be a separate line as will give out bracelets?
And how many VIP packages? Really there with him to be in the front row fan?
thanks in Advance for your answers!

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
at the same event I bought e-tickets in September and now. They differ in external widebody valid and Thea other?

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
call 8-800-555-07-70,you perebroniruyut correctly

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Hello. Tell me from what to what number in DC, Vyborg are the VIP tickets??

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yet there is no information

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Yes , in our theatre box office you can buy gift cards of different denominations.

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
good day! Drawn diagram of the stalls is correct. When you buy a ticket You can see the pattern of choice masticatory can not be displayed in reverse order in connection with the technical features of the site. Whatever tickets You will not priobrela will fit Your desire. Napieralski with 5 seats and 40 are identical.

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always happy to help! Have a good day!)

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exchange of e-tickets not proizvoditsya as the form of the electronic ticket is a document of strict accountability (article 7).

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what do the Black Sabbath concert??

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Good afternoon, at this moment, the information on this performance is missing.

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zdravstvuyte in the room with the camera unable to start?

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the ticket will go to the concert the other person. If there are problems with reading the bar adolecense that he will not be able I will not be able to attend and provide your passport?

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Hello! written on the site that the exchange of electronic tickets on Malaya Sadovaya, d. 1, but where in the building?

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Where to get VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
And gift cards can only be purchased with a paid courier? To get to the nearest theater box office can not?

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tickets can be picked up to 19.00.

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Bought tickets for "Circus of China 2012-2013". At the top of the ticket is written: "St. Petersburg Theatre "RUSSIAN BALLET" on stage Concert hall "Coliseum". This is? I hope will be a representative from China? If speaks Russian ballet how to get tickets?

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Good evening! booked tickets for Cirque du Solana managed to pick up the tickets in Kassapa phone 8-800-555-07-70 Skatalites vremenima expires bregnballe will again go on sale and you get them back saponaretin on the website my tickets not powerspike 22.00 phone 8-800... not responding. how can I be?