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Where To Order VIP Packages For Gorillaz Concert?

Hello,tell,already have Tickets to Stas Mikhailov, 15.06.2016?

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, online can not understand why not to do...
Bought with the receipt at the box office and pay there. To pay for three cards. If the cost is greater, then an additional, if less, the difference is not return of course.

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Have zdravstvuyte.menya some confusion: booked tickets with shipping on 17.02 came uvedomlenie your booking is valid till 15.02 how to understand it?

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
in Minsk to send mozenrath not at any time to our Central office B. Sampson,7возьмите passport and cartucheras paid)

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in SPb

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
Good afternoon,prompt please, I want to buy a ticket for the musical "the Demon"
is there a way to know what actors will play in any given day?

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we do not have Yur different.face

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On the website some inconsistencies with the beginning of the performance in the Workshop of Grigory Kozlova "the Quiet don": in one place it is written that the beginning of the first part in 13 hours, and the other 14.
we are Talking about the December performances.

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Hello! Can I exchange the e-ticket to paper? Thank you!

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Hello! at the Metallica concert e-tickets to print in color or b & W?
thanks in advance

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
Hello! the
Lord, and let me 15 year old to the concert of Imagine Dragons if there is a rating of 16+?

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now selling gift certificates for 2013 adnominal 2000 and 5000. Possev sale gift certificates for 2014 gods a wide range of denominations. Gift certificates are not registered.

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
on the first day as the announcement of the concert of metallica appeared on the website Kassira went and signed up for pre-order pillowfort which was on the page (now 404 error). There was napisannogo when tickets postupala me will contact.
I see catastrophize was sold scrutability vengeance for what I had no notification and even more information about pre-ordering the tickets.
why it happened?

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clear. Thank you!

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plays if for some reason the barcode doesn't schitaetsja to produce documents and the name on the documents must match the name on the ticket.

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Zdravstvuyte gave the e-ticket to placeboР Р† paragraph the name of the customer is accordingly not my imawa order to avoid problems with electronic militaryplane to change it to normal. will I have to present a passport at the cash register in the exchange?

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if the documents Vasto question likely will be resolved polozhitelnoe the condition that no one on your bar code is not passed. To address such questions, we are always at concerts is the "problem input"where you look at the ticket and verify its authenticity

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
anasasia) just a little obidnoe not have a ticket

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
good day! Polustoiki your problem and send your order number and full name to our email for further details via our database.

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YAY! THANK you! Today it worked. 😃

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The money is not removed! If not clicked on,then the tickets are automatically cancelled after 30 minutes

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
Good day for ticket refunds should contact the organisers on the telephone number near the address of the site.
you can Also call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to do in this case.

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Sell the gift certificate for 1000 p. 500 p. valid until March 2017

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very sorry. Davolno often buy you tickets and "compliments" no. At the casino promotions/discounts on tickets are offered, and you have nothing yet. Once in many years, by accident at the checkout I read about the discount in the theater shelter comedians.

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have looked in Moscow((

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service fee always estimativo the method of purchase and place

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Good day
is it Possible to verify the authenticity of Your tickets to the box office?

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we had a discount of 90% on the the Nutcracker event. The expected attractive offers, they tend to end quickly. The complaint can send for we must all consider

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on the website relevant informatiediensten the event.

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
Good afternoon - certificate acts as money so you take it and go to any of our cash (as if it worth more than the face value of the certificate, you can pay the remaining amount)

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
we solve this issue.As soon as we have the answer-we all will be informed.

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Good day! An hour trying to buy tickets online (20 nabrasyvanija)website hard error. Podskazala defects will be corrected? You still a service fee, Beretta service stability somehow no different. Thanks in advance for the answer.

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only e-ticket online MSK (((

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Good afternoon! The tickets were revoked by the organizer of the concert for an unknown reason.

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husband to a common telephone zvonilin govorite theatre has not provided information about the campaign. Therefore, more than 12-TIA is still at the regular price tickets...

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Good day!
Can I purchase gift certificates at the box office?

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check with the cashier MSK

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Please explain where to get the promotional codes for the "Super Thursday"??? Only see the list of participants

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Where to order VIP packages for Gorillaz concert?
Good afternoon. Why not find on the website Baskov concert on 21-22 October in the concert hall?

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Podskazivaet will do the tickets on the day of may 27 for a concert of classics at the Palace? Like remember that year you could buy your ticket for the money, 2000-3000 for a limited number of seats that are there ( the rest is standing room is free)