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Where To Purchase Tickets For Bruno Mars Show?

Can't find on the website of the cashier in the concert hall 31.1 the view user profile and the link does not work

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all information about concerts on our website is provided by the organizers. Yes, You are right that this concert Gela Guralia. At the moment we are waiting for the official press release from the organizers. Immediately after the information on the website to be completed.

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Good day! The email address is a misprint and paid for the ticket, respectively, did not come. My actions in this situation?

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here and we very much hope, because the sooner it is, the better! Lately and the website and app you have junk(

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Good afternoon,wanted to register on your website to buy the tickets,I wrote that in my email.will be sent the login and password,waiting for Friday,still nothing,what to do?thanks for the reply

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Booked the tickets on the cashier ru,the reservation until the evening of the 1st number,and the box office does not open until 2-Gokak rebook?or can buy e-ticket?

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
I booked a ticket for Linkin Park segodnyashny to bring sacramone possible to cancel the order ?If magneto how ?

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Thank you very much. I've already got a ticket.)) Just you delay with the payment confirmation. I came immediately and after a day. And the code is not potrebovalos showed the passport and said that the Bank card is my name. Thank you)

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need a ticket for 22 March to October on Leontiev!

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I demoluca to check with Moscow Casserras you bought them

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Hello! lost e-ticket. pick up at the box office did not. the confirmation email was exactly. can specify databinary etc.
how can I restore or resend? thank you

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it is very important to keep the e-ticket carefully and not to distort the bar kotoha will not have difficulties when passing to the event.

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Good afternoon. August 24, were booked through the website. In the LC is still the order status is "decorated". The payment, e-ticket came. Do not get so that will come in the theatre, and the tickets will be invalid?

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
In the group of "Monster mania" me for my questions blocked! Where to look for the truth????

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and you have the answer? I wrote on the info in ponedelnika and no...

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and when and where will this play? Also want to go!))

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I don't. I want to book tickets and redeem them later.

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
this subagency office. Visit meropriyatiyah you bought beleuchten list kaschte you can pick up a ticket

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we try to make convenient purchase Bolatovna just as important to pre-read the rules.

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Hello. If you are not currently in St. Petersburg, to clarify this possibility, you can always call toll-free Federal number 8-800-333-80-51.

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Good evening! Podschitivala, when/where will sell tickets to the concert of Maroon 5V ice Дворце19 March? I saw a poster in Ledovom on the website no informatiabout and never will be such an event

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podskagite the ice Palace on the Leningrad tickets box seats do not buy through the Internet?

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Hello, when will begin selling tickets for "Alice" in the BDT at the March performances?

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
purchased email. the ticket was contentville the PDF file it just print it? input no problems?

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Good afternoon.Please call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to act in this situation.

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good afternoon. All the information on the vacancies you can see Or better see on specialized sites tipo Headhunter.Also about the vacancies you can find out by sending an email to

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the site says the ORDER has been PAID! if it Seto why didn't the ticket in the mail!?

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good day! follow the news

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If Your bill includes OOO "box office" - that all the same , only to get on the Caravan 1.

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Good day! Can you tell which performances for children (12 years old) will be in September? Please advise!

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Hi,bought 2 tickets for a group concert "Leningrad" in turned Out that to go to fail for personal reasons.Can I return the tickets? Bought for cash in the cash register in "the Grand Canyon".Thank you.

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Good evening) is unfortunately not(

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and where am I supposed to contact if here I have not found the answer to your question???

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to return ballynahattina not podniece 3 days prior to meropriyatiyah us for a refund .

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it the box office at pea and 6 on the Big Sampsonievsky 7 passport payer

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
call 8-800-555-07-70

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Good day! On the website for events in ice Palace on the plan of the parterre is unclear from which to start numbering. From 212 sector or 205? The concert of 2Cellos. the
place in the pit at number 45 will I sector?

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good day! will there be another batch of tickets for the dance floor to the concert of The Prodigy?

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Inappropriate to work

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
in the electronic payment system has the order number menjaetsja since the website and Assist - 2 different systems. Please write Your room sakasama will try to understand why and resolve the situation.

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
information on refunds:

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is it possible to return the tickets to the concert of Todes tomorrow in the concert hall?

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
the input is a ticket to the dance floor. If you bought a place in sectorto advanced you purchase does not need

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Good evening! Are unable to edit your order, or rather I can not cancel it. Press the button, the page is reloaded, but the order nothing happens. What to do if the selected activity is not interested. Keep the tickets until the reservation term does not expire?

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Good afternoon, the certificate can be used only 1 time.

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Same question this page nothing otobrazhaetsya.As all the same?On the Internet lots of photos.

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well. Thank you.

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
whether there will be billboards not leech a bit. passports do not propertyreviews only in case of problems at the entrance,if there is any doubt as to the authenticity

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still tickets for OneRepublic?

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Yes, the certificate is valid for 1 year from date of purchase, You can buy the tickets any day during the validity period.

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good day! You can! More details can be learn by phone 8 (812) 703 40 40

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when carrying out promotions. At the moment, all of Proactiv closed

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still about these rules told at the box office. And then on the phone when complaints misleading - all written on the website. What siteif I buy tickets at the box office?

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
The direction of theatre spectacular box office does not recommend the purchase of tickets. But try to call 380-80-50, Operators will try to check the tickets in their numbers.

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
if you billito their value you can return. Catolico at the box office of the Ice Palace

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Where to purchase tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Good morning, unfortunately probably not.But call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell if this is possible.