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Where To Purchase Tickets For J Cole Show?

Good afternoon! You should call by phone:(812) 331-22-86 (Department of the issues of conclusion of agreements with spectacular bodies).

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Very worried..bought 2 e-ticket on your name (for credit card)if there's a problem with whodata is not going to solve anything?

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Hello, I already wrote that in Veliky Novgorod site doesn't open neither I nor any of my friends since may 7, during this time, I was in SPB and there I have all worked, came back, and there still doesn't open.

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
Probably the question is not there,but I'll try.. anyone Have the experience of visiting rock concerts? Podskazhite need to do and how mastectomy to be in the front row of the fan zone? How many hours to come, and maybe there are some effective techniques? Ask for detailed advice from teckto has a real experience)))

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Tickets for the matches of SKA can be purchased at the following ticket offices :
- Tverskaya St. 7 (Central office). Phone: +7 (812) 703-40-40
- Opposite the entrance to the metro station "Specific". Rail station/ticket office in the waiting room. Tel.+7 (812) 970-71-20 / +7 (911) 849-27-95< br>- PR. Dobrolubova.18РІС…РѕРґ No. 11 (SK Anniversary). Phone:+7 (921) 999-10-52
- Nevsky prospect 41(Office of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace). Phone:+7 (812) 315-52-36
- Seating Dorianna линия13-Pervy floor. Phone: +7 (812) 970-77-39
- Sadovaya St. 21(corner with street of Lomonosov). Phone:+7 (901) 971-56-21
Ligovsky PR. d. 19. Opposite concert hall Oktyabrsky. Phone:+7 (812) 715-29-17
- Devyatkino from Metron platform No. 3. Tel.+7 (812) 971-41-40 / +7 (812) 301-98- 99РґРѕР±.1248
- Bolshaya Konyushennaya street 21-23 opposite house Tel:+7 (812) 970-73-18

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
And esimone whether to exchange an e-ticket for a regular at the box office Mosquino the concert will take place in St. Petersburg? The name on the ticket not mine.

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Is it possible to return or change the tickets.I have my ticket for 30 seconds to mars 18.03 on in CCM,I would like to swap for a ticket in the fan zone.the ticket is not electronic

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And I want to SMS promotions)

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
I bought an e-ticket. It napisannogo it can be exchanged for ordinary. This can be done at the Central box office?

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
Don't really understand the situation with the tickets for the concert of Diana Arbenina in the Ice Palace (), the site of the Ice Palace in the scheme of the small hall there is no sectors, there is a dance floor and stage, the question is how to buy a ticket to the dance floor on the billeter?))

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Concert Travis2 a ticket to the dance ground.

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in the event that concert Depeche Mode will be similar conditions organizaciite You can always get tickets back after the event.

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Hi! Please tell me whether you can buy concert tickets Lana Del Rey?On your website information, unfortunately, not found(

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
Zdravstvuite, when will the results of the contest about the t-shirts on the UFC in 2014?

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
DD. Tell me pojaluisto whether to buy a ticket to a child up to 3 years on the show "snow king"?

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if I want to return militocracy the application and the required Documenta letter gets lost or long ittiest any time?

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office nezavisimye legal organization one! It turns out in Moscow, the money on electronic tickets vozvrashaet in St. Petersburg there?

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
Good afternoon! Call our operators by phone 380-80-50, they will tell you what to do in such a situation.

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And whether Sposobami to pay at a Central cashier? or is it only through the Internet service?

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Can't login to your account. After a few attempts in, but no orders!!!! How to print an e-ticket! I was in a panic!!!!!

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Hello,tell me when purchasing ticket at the box office is box office,as when buying electronic ?

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Are the tickets there booked!

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Okedem ;)

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thank you.

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
Hello! I have ordered an electronic ticket to the concert of 30 Seconds To Mars. Is it possible to change it for prostonarodnyj? And what do you need?

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And esimone whether to exchange an e-ticket for a regular at the box office Mosquino the concert will take place in St. Petersburg? The name on the ticket not mine.

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Booked the place for the concert with payment by credit card and collect the ticket from casserole small confusion and return with payment to the personal account ordering from the basket moved in to my orders (without the possibility to enter a payment card), which is legionares ordered pickup from kaczysnki and payment on the spot =) 10 minutes after the reservation the status of my order changed and took the form of ORDERING Attenendosi it's just a misunderstanding associated with the wretchedness of the interface of the website (no offense but true) and in order povliyali tomorrow I can pay for your order and get the ticket to the cashier.

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I paid the ticket for Placebo on the website. Card withdrew the money, and the Internet was "Operation completed successfully"even to mail notice came. Pochemuchka I go to your zakaza don't see an e-ticket? And I have a sign saying "Order pending payment"? I paid the same? succinisera were not changed. E-ticket can not see? Where can I get it to print?

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Hello is there any cashier .ru in Gatchina ?

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you in what city the tickets bought?

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Where to purchase tickets for J Cole show?
good evening. You konechnoje time))) Who will contact the project Manager and try to resolve your issue))