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Where To Purchase Tickets For Soundgarden Date?

Good day! Can I buy gift cards at the checkout without predvaritelnogo order?

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You need to call to organizers. Their telephone number appears in the upper right corner of the ticket. How quickly You return the money, depends on them. After your money back, You will be given a receipt with a stamp on the return ticket. With that check come to our office on the Big Coin 11, and take the rest of the money.

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Hello. Prompt,please, in what the box office takes a collection,and what is not.

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1)damage. 2)Yes you can)

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thank you! ))

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There is no possibility to buy tickets for events in St. Petersburg setprintimage then through phone orders.

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Hello, tell me what to do, if the ticket is in the envelope were wet, and the "spine" imprinted paint? Let whether with a ticket to the show?

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thank you!)

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
Do not tell the prices for a flight to aerotrube? and what is the cost of the gift certificate?

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if I'm not Ipbsubmit tickets I can only in the day of the concert or can print them at my gorode we have a cashier

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Printed two pilastri code is different. So I think everything is fine. The less personal cabinetto that the name of file same for download and the files themselves differ only in the bar code very confusing.

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If you change an electronic ticketing conventional in the main casinosno to pay a Commission? or is it free?

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well, I don't know.😊 with the site any problems??

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can't pay
gives "the order number is being processed"
what to do?

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I have here a question. I'm from Novosibirsk and going to a concert at SKK arena. Tickets will be ordered according to Internetwebsite on-line and pick up at the day of the concert. If suddenly, for some reason, the concert perennate there I have problems with the replacement ticket?

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You understand correctly, in the receipt it is this division on the amounts.

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Which publishes the results of the competitions? Here ethanediyl

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At last.
"an unexpected error has Occurred. Try to buy other tickets..."

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
That , according to the rules in the Dolphinarium:
- children under 3 years are free of charge;
- children from 3 to 10 years - are "Child's" ticket;
- from 11 years and older are at an "Adult" ticket.

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When will be the concert of the Ural dumplings

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Please tell me where and when in the near future will be a performance of "Dubrovsky"by A. S. Pushkin?

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please write Your order number.

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Hello! October 16, bought tickets to the concert of "Alice" (November 22) .

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
Please tell me if when you click on the word buy does not appear diagram of the room, does this mean that the tickets are already sold out? Thank you.

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Good tropika never, oterino in the call center today obamalike answer. Just tickets to the event we will need tomorrow)

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Hello! We asked clarifying questions to the organizers, waiting for an answer)

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Don't see the old site! It is no more?

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
Catherine!Thank you very much!A ticket to the fanzone.
I don't know what to do.

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1. for Alex Leto Hartanov : on your ticket phone the Ice Palace set, you need to contact them.

2. for Olga Barybina in the near future the musical Chicago has not been reported, follow the information on our website and in the group.

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I understand that when ordering tickets online or through the operator they just booked in my name and I can then easily pick up the cashier of the city? Interested in the musical "Tanz der Vampire"

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A question... I Bought and printed off at home e-ticket to the concert. Can I come to St. Petersburg to exchange an e-ticket for a common!? If Dato where and how to do it??? In fact, electronic napisannogo possible.... Please tell me!!!

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Hello! the
Concert 01.02.2014 band One Republic was moved. Promised to put on the website information on exchange or return of tickets 04.02.2014, but she never appeared.

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
thank you)

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A question... I Bought and printed off at home e-ticket to the concert. Can I come to St. Petersburg to exchange an e-ticket for a common!? If Dato where and how to do it??? In fact, electronic napisannogo possible.... Please tell me!!!

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. Which cashier did you call?

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Yeah they may be redeemed at the following offices 1. Seating Dorianna линия13-Pervy floor.
2. Ligovsky PR. d. 19 (In the Oktyabrsky big concert hall)
3. Tverskaya St. 7 (Central office)
4. Opposite the entrance to the metro station "Specific". Train station/ticket office in the waiting room
5. PR. Dobrolubova.18РІС…РѕРґ No. 11 (SK Anniversary)
6. Nevsky PR., 41(Office of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace)

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With student rate you can buy tickets online?

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
what? In General, you can call 8 -800-555-07-70там you biletem all rasskazhut even be able for you book,you will only have to buy))

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Can't find on the website of the cashier in the concert hall 31.1 the view user profile and the link does not work

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checked again.Ovina IE9 doesn't work(((

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Good day! Booked tickets for Depeche Mode and Aerosmith. Chose the payment method "at any office". Looked convenient to me. In "my orders" there was a reservation number. Where now to find the validity thereof??? SMS danly information did not come (statisical then had to request a room?) Please write here, at least for a period, I can buy tickets. Thanks in advance.

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you go with your husband? Everything will be fine. Check that you did not print one ticket 2 times))

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On 05.01

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Your message is sent to technical support.

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Where to purchase tickets for Soundgarden date?
You have sent the electronic version of the application?

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Your website will sell tickets to the concert of Grigory Sokolov at the Philharmonic hall 11.04.12?