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How Much I Can Get Tickets For Travis Scott Live?

by sozhaleniyune saw the answer to your question.

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
At the box office and on the website no(

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good day! We apologize for the long answer behind it was the holidays. The validity of the order for the selected event is 48 hours from the time of order creation. If orders annulirovat we can re-book them :)

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Good afternoon, for the Christmas holidays, unfortunately, not all functionality was available, a gift card, you always can order by calling us at tel. 380-80-50

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Yes,now add

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write to your situation

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
Prompt, bought at the theatre ticket office 3 ticket, paid by credit card. Saved the receipts, including a receipt for services distribution. One of the tickets was lost. Is it possible to restore ticket?

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you have a complicated question.we understand. Write in PM your telefonnoe will be faster

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what kind of performance do You mean? There are some sold-out performances, tickets for which people "catch" by calling every day and start tracking sales on the website.

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Good day, of course, you can choose the performance on our website and pay online, or call us by phone 380-80-50 or at any theater box office , here's the list

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Zdravstvuyte want to return the ticket to the concert of Travisкоторый was supposed to be in Moscow on November 27. I can do it in the Central ticket office on Nevskiy PR. 7 ?

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
Live in SPb you want to buy concert tickets in St. Petersburg Moscow the website there are no tickets. How to buy(not electronic) and where to pick up tickets?Thanks in advance for the answer!

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And the electronic ticket can be exchanged for ordinary? Two days before the concert

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Not true! Was! We bought on Lenin. We had just arrive early!A couple of hours...for that kind of money and have to suffer

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Hello , is it possible to return a gift certificate for 5 t R?

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to check the status of Your zakisaniya please his number?

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detailed information about upcoming performances by the link -

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This promotion code cannot be applied to Your basket. The error can be connected??

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by the way,Yes,I also already sold out at the box office tickets to the ready status (((

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in a personal message please write the order number.

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
Hello! For some time, you can get money for a Commission if a concert / performance did not take place?

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Good evening! Tell me, please, are there any benefits to visit Christmas ideas for large families?

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Are unable to login. The username and password exactly your input. Registered under the same data was founded my orders polyetheline... I vosprinjali a new user. It was some kind of technical failure? Horosoft I managed to download your e-ticket.

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About my question of March 24, 2017: in your account the status of the tickets ready and has not changed. In connection with previous messages, the buyer must guarantee that his tickets sold 1 time and only to him, not multiple people. Please take action. Worried for the reason that after buying the tickets the next day was interested in on other sites: the and the site of the theater much the tickets without the discount and to my surprise noted that places purchased for certain performances that are marked as free, that is, it is possible that they could buy, and possibly bought by other people using those sites. Correct the status of my tickets, so I can officially deal in case of such incident, fix the system.

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Good afternoon! Unfortunately no, you can't

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
Please tell me the performances Dobronravov(matchmakers)iscal found nothing СЂСџв„ўРЏ

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good evening. Probably wise to monitor this group BDT. As a different option at the moment(

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lock numbers on the website not to order comes in response to the e-mail such not redeem nonsense

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All right, happen)

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Sent the email to the specified mailbox. Democompany cheaper and easier to have obyazatelstva to sacristy not so much money and disgrace with all the honest people - for the Internet. I hope for honesty.

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good day! please tell me, I live in another city not in St. Petersburg! I want to make a gift for a friend's birthday who lives in your city. Can I buy an electronic gift card and send her an email or is this not possible? thank you!

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
that is, I can not use this promotion code?

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thank you ;) And all tacobill must be in color or black and white?

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Hello! at the Metallica concert e-tickets to print in color or b & W?
thanks in advance

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How to upgrade to the full version I tried many options but it does not work. the
Previously, I was very comfortable every day to go to the website and watch for new events and now here's a garbage I don't feel comfortable using the site SAVE somebody

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Hello!Please tell me, to the concert of Zemfira 30.11.13 tickets are gone?(((

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strandow Moscow at the same concert tickets are valid. It is impossible to constantly monitor this information. What and when it was later announced. Now what to do with those tickets?

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the new website will need to re-register. To sozhaleniya created orders will appear in a new personal cabinetto this does not affect their status.
Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at

Saint Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")


from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.
paid for delivery of tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.

! Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

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I only go with the apps in the phone..tried again today to register..did not work(

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Hello! Are unable to reach You! Is there any additional room (keep for 15-20 min phone kosakata I'm in the queue and then the call ends - 8(812)7034040)

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Good dentali question may have already zadavalsya still. Can exchange e-ticket on a normal other person? Or when sharing is necessary my presence?

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Good day! I have lost 2 tickets to the play "Dinner with a fool" on March 14. Is it possible to make Ob'yavlenie about selling through your group. On the website of Usher has still all tickets are sold out so you have nothing to lose :) would be returned to your cashier, they would still be bought, but you don't accept(

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To use the site in the new version of impossible: the schedule is inconvenient, and loading of the data becomes a test of patience. Why so often to change their design? Why make "the people" raw product?

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How much I can get tickets for Travis Scott live?
Okedem ;)

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if You're asking about the large concertainer Depeche Modeто cameras can bring the only accredited photographers.

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I have here a question. I'm from Novosibirsk and going to a concert at SKK arena. Tickets will be ordered according to Internetwebsite on-line and pick up at the day of the concert. If suddenly, for some reason, the concert perennate there I have problems with the replacement ticket?

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Good afternoon, call 3808050, call the number on Your certificate, the operator will check its validity and status.

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Hello, if you buy an e-ticket then it will come out with or without Commission? And another question, how to retrieve it?

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write a letter with complete information on the address

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Kirill, please call in business hours by phone 380-80-50 and operators will be able to advise You on the procedure of booking tickets.

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And tickets for Placebo is no more?((

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the profile of the Cashier.Ru utilisaton now we solve all the issues through and not through a personal account. You can write got here also write to the address

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but about the place advice?

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the fact is that there is no experience like not tell me not to be mistaken for me?

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Unfortunately no( But you can follow the ongoing stock in our website:

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11 I received the same SMS about the status of the order...
Here is the passion!, do not be so))))

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good evening. You konechnoje time))) Who will contact the project Manager and try to resolve your issue))

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will be required.

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a ticket to the EKB can be changed only if it is in ECx. You can try to go to the concert with an electronic ticket. The name on the ticket only to instances where it paginationviewdata problems with reading the barcode. That is, if you are sure you didn't copy the barcode,will it not spread and bought a ticket for the cashier.Ruto's problems probably will not documents from the armed forces will not be asked at the entrance

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have you tried to buy a ticket on the website after 12?

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With organizers already spezialisten utverjdayut all of this was the fan zone. Then why to let people with a regular input?