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How Much I Can Order VIP Packages For Rolling Stones Date?

Good afternoon - or to call by phone, or if you received a confirmation email (then means that you bought the tickets)

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pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

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Seitpagambetov to return britisli want to go to the event?

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poluchaetsya not all the concerts Or what?

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otlichnaia for the answer!!!

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How much I can order VIP packages for Rolling Stones date?
Is it possible to learn approximately how many remaining tickets for the fan zone metallics? And why the price rose?

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Hello, I ordered tickets to the circus on March 24, I would like to know where to buy them? at any theater box office? or is the cashier of Usher? I'm doing this first time and so a little confused, thanks

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I booked a ticket for Linkin Park segodnyashny to bring sacramone possible to cancel the order ?If magneto how ?

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Thank you a huge!!!,

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Good day! If You zabronirovat not paid sacaste offers over 40 offices of the company and service tickets. So gevano to pay attention to the validity of the order is still 48 hours from the moment of creation. What a way to get the tickets You prefer?

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Victoria, this performance is in the repertoire of the theater "Shelter comedian". Theater season is in full force will begin in September-October, we will wait,most likely the theatre we will enjoy this performance. Also in the repertoire of St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Opera and there's Opera "La Traviata" (created for this work), the tickets You can buy.
Tickets in Saint-Petersburg Opera
tickets to the Mikhailovsky theatre:

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The same problem with my account. You can enter, but orders will not open at all. Of mail messages offer a form of one order with the eternal mark "in processing" and no code for redemption. It is impossible to understand if he is. The place is designated as busy, but there is no guarantee that is not another order. Old orders and e-tickets inaccessible (how to get to the theater if you can't find in the mail?). And search by artist is not enough, if it is in General.

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And I still look surname and patronymic imprinted on the ticket,and the name didn't stick,I start up?

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Hello. I ordered tickets for "POLA NEGRI"your order has taken samostojatelnosti nalichnymi, rucano why it is still in the personal Cabinet this hanging order status "pending payment"?

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but you can not order online at the box office from what then to buy?

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apritiate to Central office (B. Sampson,7) hours

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sent and within what time will be the answer?

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Good afternoon. Yes (she continues to 23-59)

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Good day! no

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Joined: 04.09.2017 can I buy 2 tickets for the concert of Lyapis Trubetskoy in St. Petersburg on 28.08?I am from Minsk

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need a ticket for 22 March to October on Leontiev!

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How much I can order VIP packages for Rolling Stones date?
Zdravstvuydosvidaniya paid for the ticket via credit card to the concert.After a time comes a payment notification?What else besides the need to show your passport at the cashier to get a ticket?

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works. Thank you.
PS although still uncomfortable, the site has become

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Hello , my friend and I bought tickets to the musical "the Master and Margarita" through the website , got the tickets, but she lost it what can we do?

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Izvinitie question. In what way will return dengina score card or what? Because Peter to go for the money really not.

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tell me why the site is not working promotional code for a discount?

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Hello , prompt, please, on your website to sell tickets for a concert Penkin, on the plan of the hall is not available so many places, that means they dismantled or they will appear later?

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and where can I see the list of theaters with which Your organization works?

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good day, I can not go into my account I e-mailed you the answer is no

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always when buying over the counter.I always take cash,never more without a receipt is not treated.Well,You can't undock,there at the entrance or You detach yourself,or just break it off,no big deal) by the Way,Ice also went with the same cheque,he didn't even look)

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" Dtzk
Larissa, for Your convenience, offering You addresses of websites of companies that sell event tickets. I hope their service will meet all Your requirements. , , , ."

for such a response to the client in a NORMAL company employee fired.

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please write Your order number.

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the rest of the tickets not raspadaetsya value increased in connection with a change in the General economic situation in the country.

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will kaitersberg e-ticket in black and white variantinit terrible?

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Thank you very much! The mistake is made by the organizer. We gave him your message. Have a good day!)

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Have zdravstvuyte.skazhite you have an e-ticket today. Somehow I don't see it in my proctector specified when ordering ticket. The payment was made. What to do?

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I bought concert tickets for my mom and we will go with my sister we start up ?
the Passport will not be checked ?

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Is it possible to learn approximately how many remaining tickets for the fan zone metallics? And why the price rose?

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napolitanos review to our customer service Department

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in the near future-I'll still have time to order on 19E-20E November? Or these tickets are not to wait and do You mean the following? Know anything?

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How much I can order VIP packages for Rolling Stones date?
you need to contact the call centre 703 40 40

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How much I can order VIP packages for Rolling Stones date?
We have this feature implemented already. But at the moment there are failures in the. Tried to fix it in the near future. Plan this week to fix all the bugs related to incorrect operation. We izbienie for the temporary inconvenience(

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Hello. Got tickets for the following performances featuring Alisa Freindlich:


"uncle's dream"


"Lessons of tango and love"

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deponia that's my bad not to read YOUR rules...but repeatedly use the services of different organizations of St. Petersburg and of the Russian Federation with the payment of a Bank cartasi nobody trubet power of attorney when you receive a paid order. Just horror. Then I adjust the tickets to the event..... how to solve the problem??? do you have suggestions???

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How much I can order VIP packages for Rolling Stones date?
Zdravstvuyte to cancel an unpaid order? And esheesle to pay remotely cartasi the day of the event to come biletskaja it will take time (large the queues, etc.)

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Good afternoon. Please send a scan of your tickets to us, and also duplicate on mail

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videovam need to remind myself more often. Also priceplay my letter here.

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events arranged by popularity

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How much I can order VIP packages for Rolling Stones date?
Hello. similar situation...hard to say the exact time. Sorry for the inconvenience😔

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Chose three tickets for 1500 Rublev the end, I counted 9900.... That kind of nonsense ????