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How To Get Tickets For Iron Maiden Live?

Thank you! But I mean, having a stamped receipt, within what time after the date of the event I can come to the office to Country?

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returns the value of the face value of the ticket. Service fee we do not refund,because our service of booking and sale was already provided. The main thing - time to send Saleniece its time to consider to concertina the money is not returned.

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
it is very important to keep the e-ticket carefully and not to distort the bar kotoha will not have difficulties when passing to the event.

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And another question - is there a separate place for electronic bellevile it depends on platform?

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Thank you! But in your account still "pending payment"

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Yesterday to buy smogonite osibajo this code cannot be applied. Give explanation please

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we contacted the staff the cash register - apparently they did not understand the situation. You can print tickets on paper in the Central office (or to arrange delivery to a convenient address in St. Petersburg). In advance predupredit You bought e-ticket on the old site and it is no longer available to print. Phone for svasana if You have any questions +7(911)831-48-08Анна (mon. on Thurs. from 09:00 to 18:00пт. from 09:00 to 17:00перерыв from 13:00 to 14:00).

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
Good day! On the website the description of the action on may 12 in a theater. Lensoveta specified performance "the Dream about autumn" 07 Jun, this is false, as it is replaced by another show. Check, please.

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Hello! Can you please tell me if my order was 2 tickets by redeeming it in the office I can only buy one, because circumstances have changed?

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Good day!
DTZK Is the official distributor of tickets for the Depeche Mode concert in St. Petersburg?

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
I have purchased e-tickets for the Show of Olympic Champions. Can I exchange the e-tickets on a standard (regular) tickets?

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good afternoon!
If You acquired the email. ticket at the same place, nobody will be able to purchase them again. Exchange e-ticket at the theatre box office impossible.

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Good day! Tell me please, when's the next event "the Second ticket for 1 rbl"?

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
Hello. Got tickets for the following performances featuring Alisa Freindlich:


"uncle's dream"


"Lessons of tango and love"

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Hello! On the website there is no information who take part in the concert 'the New voice of Russia' 04/04/2014 DK im.Gorky. No posters, information relating to the event. to
Say that this will be a solo concert of the finalist of the project Голос2 Gela Guralia. If so, then it is unclear why his name was missing from the poster. Please check and correct the information on the website.

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Hello! Really want to buy a concert ticket Justin Timberlake in fan sonono for such large-scale events never bilabiata very afraid of a stampede. Do you know how many people initially designed the fan zone at the concert?

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Zdravstvuyte.menya returns for tickets for a concert that was canceled?

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Please tell me when will payment Thank you from Sberbank?
And then plan to buy a lot of tickets in NY meropriyatiya b och nice to save on collection fees due Thank you.

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Hello! Question - do you allow for a concert of three year olds?) thank you!

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the announcement in the news bilobilo in category "return tickets"for details can contact

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
Podschital cash how many days it will stay booked?

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to clarify the situation, we need the phone number which you performed the call to the dispatcher (in order to listen to a recording of the call). Napolitanojanet PM

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I have 3 weeks of waiting.Never came on the card.Called,say, wait another.But I when buying a paid card.Can those who bought for cash give at once?

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To use the site in the new version of impossible: the schedule is inconvenient, and loading of the data becomes a test of patience. Why so often to change their design? Why make "the people" raw product?

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Hello. I ordered tickets for "POLA NEGRI"your order has taken samostojatelnosti nalichnymi, rucano why it is still in the personal Cabinet this hanging order status "pending payment"?

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
About promotional code. Called the cashier sumatec here the answer is not to wait. Casaletto promo code will be sent by email. mail to regular customers for some events (not all). Better to call and find out. Phones on the website. Responded quickly.

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
the First time I faced with a problem: the tickets had been bought enough Danov, maei currently printed information began with them staratsya not only testowane and bar code. Before that never happened... Podskagite to do? To stay in front of the entrance in the fairing for togoto the scanner thinks the bar code is not an option.... Thank you!

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thank you!

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
you are absolutely right!

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good day! Pristicephalus messages community your order number and the name of meroprijatija which you purchased the ticket. Utochnite is not on the printout of the ticket?

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thanks - it's paradisaea found. Just hiccuping my Name :) In any sluchenkova obtaining original documents to transfer a sum of money for a return ticket - You can contact Pocoyo-Schalkwyk we understand the documents are still with them? Before we never teraelectron.

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Good day! Tell me, please, is it possible for the ticket to cross out-to paint-to seal the price (not seen it there)? you will not have any problems while passing control directly?

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
Event video games canceled on another date or on the transfer of official information has been received.

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
now all those who stood in line in the morning in the cold, and who also hangs the computers and all of the queue, God forbid, was sold to 10 people tickets.. now we know how are our actions.. If suddenly the organizers decide to repeat the action=)))) many THANKS to THEM FOR their CREATIVITY ING the IDEA to MAKE TICKETS FOR 10P...

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and where am I supposed to contact if here I have not found the answer to your question???

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Yesterday to buy smogonite osibajo this code cannot be applied. Give explanation please

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Hello. Write a letter our specialists control the quality

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Answered In a PM)

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the exchange will only take place at the offices of SPb. Getting too, only at the box office SPb. Dapo issues return, please contact the call center 812 703-40-40

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Hello! I really want to buy 2 tickets for the concert at the great Philharmonic hall on December 31. Help to find the budget option. Thank you.

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and application instructions how to register?

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
my husband,thank you)

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you can print the ticket at the box office on pea 6s a need to take the passport of the customer. In addition tohaves the ticket should be saved in your account on the site

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How and where can I take the ticket?

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please answer.

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Good afternoon,wanted to register on your website to buy the tickets,I wrote that in my email.will be sent the login and password,waiting for Friday,still nothing,what to do?thanks for the reply

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Hello! Tell me information about the refund of the concert tickets for Selena Gomez?. With respect.

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all information on the event page

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And whether Sposobami to pay at a Central cashier? or is it only through the Internet service?

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
Thank you for the review.The General scheme of the hall with no problems have to move the mouse and buttons to change the scale.
To clarify please write your screen resolution, and the hall where it was, will check and be sure everything is correct.

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replied in PM

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Thank you. Just a sell electronic concert June 9 in the concert hall

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How to get tickets for Iron Maiden live?
Good day!
Can I purchase gift certificates at the box office?