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Best Way To Buy VIP Packages For Placebo Concert?

The play "the miracle worker" Theater of the Leningrad city Council.

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Hello! Want to go to a hockey match SKA - torpedo 9 January 2015 at 17:00at the website of the Ice Palace this match on Your esta - no. Are all the tickets already?

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Zdravstvuite, when will the results of the contest about the t-shirts on the UFC in 2014?

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tickets for this concert are not sold in other regional otdelenije subagency offices.

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Yes. Said about it one post above.

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Good afternoon. At the moment we have no information on this performance.

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good day. I paid the ticket via e-casalegno can take it only on the day concertata as from another city. so Weslaco to come I can't. maybe sometime you can return the ticket and get back money? thank you for your answer.

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Canceled my musical. Please explain this: Service distribution shall be returned to the office of LLC "DTZK" .

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but about the place advice?

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at the moment, information about the beginning of sales yet. Follow the news on our website.

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Hello!Signed up on the website.BUT you can't come.Say not true the entered username and password.Although they are correct.What to do?

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Good afternoon! Judging by the number of choices is enough. Regarding extra ticket sales, no information from the organizers has not been received. Most likely the tickets just sold out)

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sex in the evening with the same problem spent... Not allowed to buy tickets

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the list of offices is on our website -

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November 3, 2013 through the website of Usher I ordered and paid with credit card tickets to the Nikulin Circus on January 2, 2014. The tickets were 1 row - specially for a little girl!Came SMS: order w1029725 paid.The order number for collection at the box office 15076340, valid until 02.01.2014 18.59. Arrive In St. Petersburg and December 31, go to the cashier on Nevsky Prospekt 22/24. Can't find the order. Then say: your tickets are SOLD. HOW CAN BE SOLD TO PAID TICKETS???? Offered January 2 to come 30 minutes before the show and solve the problem on the spot. The situation is in my opinion simply out of the ordinary emanating!!! Dear buyer Sostek Victoria ,

payment Information:

payment Number (BillNumber): 5880677240318922
company Name: Usher
order Number: W1029725
Buyer: Shostik Victoria
date of operation: 03.11.2013 15:46:45 (GMT +04:00)
the amount of the transaction: RUB 6 600.00
operation Result: Completed successfully.
authorization Code: 576030
means of Payment: VISA ****6091

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application prozvanivatsya they received huge number. You can purchase a ticket on sale on the website or wait for the call operator for your application. Tickets to all sectors once the site has.

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Thank you very much!

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Hello! The truth is that the concert hall does not accept e-tickets?

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Hello! Write, pliz, where can I get promo code!!!😩

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tickets are on sale at our website

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possible duplicate tickets if it is lost?

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Tell me how to buy tickets to the theater to define the performance in advance. The repertoire there for two months and tickets have already been sold, you can leave the application or it is necessary to contact the specific theatre?

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the site does not work, answered the phone. Thank you.

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Good day! we have no information about the cancellation of the concert

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In a personal account order status marked as Ready, and information about the order is "processing". Type of receipt - e-ticket. In the mail came a ticket it will be valid? Ordering W20702825
Thank you!

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Hello, I am very interested in the poster of theatre Maly drama theatre - theatre of Europe on Jan. Unfortunately, she hasn't posted on the official website of the theatre. Could You please tell me if the play "Intrigue and love" to go in January? I would like to pre-order tickets. Whether at the theater Christmas holidays? Thank you.

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Have zdravstvuyte.skazhite ticket sitecam to pay through the savings Bank ?

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You can choose and buy the ticket on the page

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30 minutes on the line waiting...

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Hello! Ordered the tickets yesterday at the promotion, purchase at the box office. in the personal account..since yesterday the status of the ticket: processing. by phones your do not call. How to be?

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About promotional code. Called the cashier sumatec here the answer is not to wait. Casaletto promo code will be sent by email. mail to regular customers for some events (not all). Better to call and find out. Phones on the website. Responded quickly.

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we have independent from each other departments. You can email us at outlining in detail your claims.

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with 12 years

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Good day! Tell me. how can I get a promo code for a discount?

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
21.08.2013 order is cancelled since it was not paid.

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, Good morning.Please try to refresh the page in the browser with CTRL+F5. Try also to clean the cache in browser and try again.
If it does not,please write why you are sitting(laptop,computer,etc.) and how the Internet( mobile,usb modem, regular cable) will check.

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Best way to buy VIP packages for Placebo concert?
Tickets purchased in giftfor the person does not work for the date to go. I want to return these tickets and buy on the same musical on 20.10.13 at 13: 00. How can I do it ?

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Zdravstvuyte will podskazivaet there still tickets for Placebo?

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Good day! On the website the description of the action on may 12 in a theater. Lensoveta specified performance "the Dream about autumn" 07 Jun, this is false, as it is replaced by another show. Check, please.

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Thank you, I will be very grateful!

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Welcome. Printed ticket in h/nichego terrible?

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And I want to SMS promotions)

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somebody throw off the link where to see the Seating plan???????????????????????

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no way to check at the entrance to the Concert hall now learn

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DV. I bought the e-ticket over the Internet rocoto called. Is there a way to verify the authenticity and evidencearticle whether there was an order and payment from chelovecescie the name on the ticket?