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Best Way To Get VIP Packages For Depeche Mode Live?

tell me why the site is not working promotional code for a discount?

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how do I pay for the tickets with kiwi purse? there's a big Summa to pay does not work

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Good day!
tell me we got lost in the rules we want from Moscow to buy through the site the tickets for the concert, which will be only on July 26. Wanted to pay by card,but to get a result at the box office the paper version. But the website, as we understand, says that this ticket, even paid for, will be stored only for five days, and then canceled. We will be in St Petersburg just before the concert. Perhaps we do not understand. Please tell me how to be in this situation. Maybe you can pick up the ticket at the ticket office in Moscow?

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Probably already somewhere was this question-and he is now very much an important...
I live in Kiev and I bought an e-ticket. Now I can't quite get to the concert - is it possible to get it back? maybe it has something to sitemapa which I can get back dengie ticket will be cancelled? Could you tell me? br>
Or maybe is possible somehow to pass it at the box office? Friends in St. Petersburg asks at least...

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All right, happen)

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
kaitempi e-ticket. To print it out and semajno to go? Need anything else?

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if there is force majeure situationthat only the person who ordered the ticket and there's his name.

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Where in Peter it is possible to print an e-ticket ??

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
I hope in the future everything will be good))

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Good afternoon.Please check now,all should earn,all updated and running.

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Good day!
DTZK Is the official distributor of tickets for the Depeche Mode concert in St. Petersburg?

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If you oplatila no

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Hello!!! Bought your cash, 2 tickets to the concert. Home zametica part of the bar code on the tickets badly stamped. I'm afraid the scanner at the entrance may not recognize. Let me to the concert?????

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Hello! The situation is this: I bought 2 of the electronic ticket to the event in St Peterburge circumstances so I can't come that day. Will I be able to return the money for britisli pay using QIWI Wallet?

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Good afternoon! So the only problem with the phone or You can't go into my account? Tried to reset password and look in the spam?

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organizers moved the start of play on 14:00.

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Yes vespasia understood and bought billede.

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and at which step does not work?

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Promo code not valid for the festival Glass and Glass tableoct however, he is involved in the action. it was

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Good afternoon,
I tried 2 times to pay for the ticket of kartasova times attempts were unsuccessful. Your website did not request telefons with a confirmation code from the Bank was here. Choose to pay through Alfaclick - made opetating was debited by account number 5096075 (order number 4084634) in the amount of 4300 + 430 ₽ (parterre 13место 47). Now the website has been updated and in LK I napisannogo this order is cancelled. How to be? Money spiritalis cancelled. The ticket was going to give to mom she loves the creative musician. Who am I to say "thank you" does the same for you, can't I have 2 times to take payment, then taking Igoumenitsa order?

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which payment method have You chosen? The balance is positive?

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here are the instructions for a nonresident:

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
unfortunately I will not be able to Orient You concerning the work of the employees of the Mail - but all polyarizovannymi to address companiesthese courier.

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Thank you

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the answer in HP

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on the website what city You booked the order?

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should not

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You know,if for example the ticket to on 24 December is it possible to take the January ticket?)

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Hello! Can You give us prompt. Want to go on a new year performance "new year Auszahlen" in St. Petersburg.
Nobody can give us information: "children up to 3 years without bed on his hands" (child 2 years) or a separate ticket to buy?!

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Can I use gift cards to buy tickets, for example, in the Aquarium on Your website?

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the certificate of registration of marriage. It specifies both old and new name.

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the event already sostojalos word. You still did not answer.

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Hello! On the website napisannogo 12-13 will be the musical "the Master and Margarita". But there is more about these numbers doesn't say. This information is correct?

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Zdravstvuyte will be updated? Is it possible to exchange the e-ticket code at the checkout on biletele paper ticket is issued on other person?

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you can immediately without armor

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
order No. 86680

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Good morning! Can I buy You have to buy tickets to the Circus, but I need the left side 11 a number 13,14,15 place? or is it only in the circus.Thank you

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Bought tickets to Alexandrinsky theatre. Chose a place on the scheme - the written designation of a Lodge number and seat number. And in shopping cart reflects somehow the room a number and seat number in the box. As it should be? It is a little satelliate ordering afraid(

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please write the order number and we will talk You through about the terms and conditions of redemption :)

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poluchaetsya not all the concerts Or what?

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Thank you very much! Wrote tehpotdergka asked to send the last four digits of the Bank card and promised to send a link to the tickets. The figures sent around 11 UTRAN while nothing policylink have to start to worry?)

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Please answer laproscopy have a ticket to the concert Hogepodge found that my ticket without a bar kodukula all photos with barcode. Is this normal?
Thanks in advance for the answer!

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Да100 %!!! I just gave a friend at work the same certificate was presented and the time where-that to expect no((

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
we apologize for the delay in response! To agelenidae we do confirmation only through e-mail. But you can also subscribe to our e-mail of rassylku not miss promotions and discounts to events!

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
with Your clarification to answer YOUR question much easier. You need to contact the Directorate by telephone (812) 764 55 66 and to clarify if You can take their money.

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the screen resolution is 1280 by 1024.
And the hall is almost any. For example, the theater.Of the Leningrad city Council.
the Mouse, nothing moves.

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Hello! How to contact the administrator of this group on the topic of cooperation?

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Hello! After registering on the website my mail did not come, but again wrote that the person with this address is already there. Go not is obtained. How to be?

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the tickets you can find in your account on the website! Or email us a contact number for that order and true El. address.

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Can't login to your account. After a few attempts in, but no orders!!!! How to print an e-ticket! I was in a panic!!!!!

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Or pick them up I can only in the Moscow office

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Good day!Are there any open vacancies for the post of cashier ?

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Replied in HP

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Good morning, all exchanges and refunds are possible through the organizers of this event, whose telephone number is on the ticket, next to the name(address) of the site.
But also, better yet, call us toll-free Federal number 8 800 333-80-51 and our operators will tell you for sure if that's possible.

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
Good Afternoon.Please tell me and Elena Vaenga what are the cheapest tickets?

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Good day! First time confronted with the purchase of the electronic ticket. There are a couple of issues. I'm from Rabirius to the concert in St. Petersburg. Asked znakomyatsya lives in Perekupit me a ticket. She bought the email and sent it to me by email. mail. But there is its name. Wouldn't it be a problem with that? And another question. On the ticket is not worth the price. This is not so important? I thought it was standingat decided to clarify here. Thanks in advance ! :)

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno to exchange you have an e-ticket for a regular?

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if I book 4 ticket for themselves through the "savvycom" but in the specified time will not be able to pick them up.
is it possible to have these tickets purchased, my friend,to whom I give the order number?

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thank you! And more accurate information there? :) and then you constantly update your site is not very convenient))

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Good afternoon. Want to keep information about the problems with the processing of my order. Attempt to not buy an online gift certificate was a quest for 3 days. The site States that the certificates on the letterhead of the strict reporting, you can buy all Kasahara turned out to be wrong. To order a certificate via the Internet with delivery is not poluchaetsya that the system gives an error. I ordered the certificate delivery by phone but nevidimaya to arrange the delivery on the appointed day, the courier arrived. Through the call centre the problem was solved and the order I will bring,but I will have to pay for Express shipping (to get the order I need it today+200 p for crocetin criticore hurt). I ponimayut sbone in this case, too many of them on one order.

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Hello. I ordered tickets for "POLA NEGRI"your order has taken samostojatelnosti nalichnymi, rucano why it is still in the personal Cabinet this hanging order status "pending payment"?

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Will there be more tickets for the concert Zemfira on the dance floor?

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Good day! no

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Best way to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode live?
So polocrosse by chance on a ticket to the concert shed was bhiraleus part of the text ( where ukazannogo can't smoke and drink in salutaridine video and the name of the organization) and bar-kadathanadan groupsare belease left unerased. Miss Lee's on such a ticket to a concert?