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How Much I Can Order VIP Packages For Soundgarden Concert?

the tickets you can find in your account on the website! Or email us a contact number for that order and true El. address.

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How much I can order VIP packages for Soundgarden concert?
Good afternoon,wanted to register on your website to buy the tickets,I wrote that in my email.will be sent the login and password,waiting for Friday,still nothing,what to do?thanks for the reply

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Sorry,but no. Two days went in theatrical cash desks DTZK M. Park Pobedy and the Park Pobedy by looking at the availability of tickets for the play Rag doll 3 Feb 18.00 on this tab. I was refused a ticket and told that the tickets can only be purchased by ordering them on the phone 380-80-50.( (Tickets are available still,but just buy them in cash is not possible.

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On the website there are ways platino they are not good...

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Can I buy a gift card for 1500 rubles?

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Hi, Angelica! Tickets for this event are not for sale.

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How much I can order VIP packages for Soundgarden concert?
Hello!!! Bought your cash, 2 tickets to the concert. Home zametica part of the bar code on the tickets badly stamped. I'm afraid the scanner at the entrance may not recognize. Let me to the concert?????

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Different theatres open sale different. In the Comedy theatre.Akimova tickets for February and March are already on sale. Also known repertoire for April, but this month have not yet sold tickets.

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if you paid by besylate will return to the map

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this mailing of our Moscow podrazdeleniem mistakenly hit you

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not podskazhite SKK "Petersburg" Luggage work?
come from far and do not have time to take bags.

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good day! tell poluektovna whether to return bretonneau electronic application and all required documents to the email address? the official website lists only an address for mailing.

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to sozhaleniyu upcoming events not declared Disco Autoradio. A similar format event will be held at the JCC. Detailed information on the link -

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good day! Tell me your sending it soobsheniia
in the day of theatre on March 23-28, discounts up to 90%. And where can I see the list of participating performances? Thank you!

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I have bought tickets for 6 events. Today all these activities the option of e-ticket on the website. Maybe you can still do something. Very problematic to the cashier to go.(

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On 05.01

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on b/W

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check for tickets not the ticket itself is a form of strict accountability specified on the price. Problems will not arise.

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Already called and explained the situation in connection with the website updates all the orders disappeared,

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the ticket for the night, MouseEvent one ticket to visit odnomodovogo from spacemouse?and to visit different spots have a few tickets pokupateli free entrance even?

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no way to check at the entrance to the Concert hall now learn

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das answers here as it is all very sad(((

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. Which cashier did you call?

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You can see tickets available on the page

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Hello , on a concert of DDT in the theatrical booths all sold out.

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Please hope for a stable job always =)

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to the operator I have no complaints.
just order status gift cards does not correspond to the table of decoding>I had it "confirmed", and the gradation not:

"order status:
Not confirmed Orders, which You have not confirmed are cancelled through 40 minutes after selection of tickets.
In the treatment of Executed orders that are in process.
Cancelled - Orders that have been cancelled by You or expired automatically by the ticketing system. The order can be cancelled only fully.
Decorated - Orders ready to issue. Record number to receive tickets or print out the order form.
Purchased by Orders which were received the tickets."

so I was worried that a call from Your company is present, that the order ADOPTED in the work.
the courier takes the cards, so that's all right was.

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How much I can order VIP packages for Soundgarden concert?
thank you very much for the information! Ordered wrong measurements tepericha you cannot book tickets through your first site then to buy them? It was very udobnogo you can safely to choose mestogde going to sit.

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Please zdravctvyite.podskazhite about service sboren is you always napryagaet or I'll buy one of your box office tickets online it not not be?

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thank you for the promptness)))

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do not buy tickets with rochegda they will always be true

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You obviously lucky

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Here you have only relative of Peter? Or about the Moscow event is also possible to ask?

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Good afternoon! Opened sales to the event:.

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Canceled my musical. Please explain this: Service distribution shall be returned to the office of LLC "DTZK" .

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Whether at the box office handing out posters after the last concert?

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good afternoon! The Roxette concert was canceled.

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thank you very much )

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Zdravstvoytsya was that the Depeche Mode concert in June took the tickets to the fan zone. And return them later? Thanks in advance)

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How much I can order VIP packages for Soundgarden concert?
Zdravstvuyte on the site the cashier for two tickets to the concert of Justin Timberlake. In the personal Cabinet there are two fileno they are both the same. As it should be?

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How much I can order VIP packages for Soundgarden concert?
Good afternoon. Unfortunately no because this is a special project in conjunction with the theatres. But if I'm not mistaken, I heard in the theatre Akimov appeared this tour...

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here the rules of the club: lizane under the age of 18 allowed in the club unless accompanied by an adult

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the presentation "the little Mermaid and the mystery of magic star" is sold with two tariffs : a gift without a gift