1. Prohibits profanity and insults to forum members. To determine the personal relations use [hidden text].

2.It is forbidden to publish messages do not carry in itself any semantic loading.

3. It is prohibited to flood in all subjects, but if you really want to scratch languages there is a special section [hidden text].

4. Advertising and self-promotion in all forums, for these purposes, there is a section [hidden text].

5. It is forbidden to create identical threads in one or more forums.

6. Try to give new topics meaningful titles, revealing the meaning of your topics. Do not give your topics titles such as "URGENT", "HELP", "QUESTION", "VERY IMPORTANT", etc.

7. Never use incorrect ways of writing messages, it refers to necitelny text, all CAPITAL LETTERS, large font, highlighted font or a font of a different color, it is also not recommended to abuse the use of pseudo. Respect the people reading your messages.

8. Manuscripts must conform to the theme.

9. For each new discussion question, problem, etc. create a new theme.

10. It is forbidden to publish those containing violence, pornography, racial or national discrimination.

11. It is forbidden to publish the content of which is contrary to existing laws of the Russian Federation.

12. Banned from posting messages containing false information, slander, aiming to mislead other Forum members, as well as provocations aimed at forum participants, the result can be broken data Rules.

13. Post links to other sites provided that the page at the specified address, given as an illustration of the allegations made by the communicant.

14. The forum is a private property owner, who by virtue of this, has the right to set these Rules. The forum owner can make any decisions and to take actions that are inconsistent with these Rules, at their own discretion and is not obliged to give any comments on their actions and decisions.

15. When registering on the forum and then when using it the user agrees to these Rules and agrees to comply with them unconditionally.

16. All messages(threads) in violation of the existing Rules will be removed and violators will be subject to appropriate measures. Repeated violation of rules, the user is blocked. The question of the restoration of the user is solved by the forum administration.

17. Appeal against actions of the administration for installing the comments, edit posts or close/delete topics by sending a letter to the chief administrator for personal mail forum.

18. It is forbidden to create new threads instead closed by a moderator for violation of forum rules.

19. To register for the forum a user must provide a valid email address – you'll receive a letter with a registration confirmation code.

20. The administration reserves the right to amend these Rules without warning or notice.

21. All of the materials, or otherwise posted on the forum reflect only the views of their authors. The forum administration does not verify the accuracy of these materials, makes no warranties in respect of them and is not responsible for their content. Responsible for the content of the message is by its author only.

22. All the contests on the forum can be done only with the permission of the administration. Willing to apply in any form, stipulate the rules, terms, and other conditions.

23. You may not be permitted to use the resources of the forum without explanation. This is an extremely rare measure that reserves the forum owner, is applicable only in the interests of the forum and its users. If you are a good person, then you are not affected.

24. If a blocked user opens a new registration, it is locked, everything is done from under it the message along with the answers of other users are removed, and the duration of the ban increases by 30 days.

25. It is forbidden to publish referral links in messages and in the user's signature.

26. It is forbidden to publish messages with requests of financial aid, fundraising, donations, transfer money to various accounts, including electronic cash system.

27. Newly registered members of the forum limits some features such as sending private messages, viewing profiles of other participants in the forum included flood-control with the delay between messages, etc. All these restrictions are turned off automatically when you set more than 20 posts, not including posts under "Chatter".

28. The propaganda and agitation of fascism, extremism, religious fanaticism and cults in particular, such as "Jehovah's Witnesses". For failure to comply with this rule the user is sent to the banks, and the topics themselves are subject to removal from the forum.

29. It is forbidden to register and use more than one account on the forum. In case of violation of the rules, the main account is blocked for 30 days, and your new account will be locked permanently.


1. Try to observe the rules of the Russian language. Respect the forum members who read your messages.

2. Before publishing your message, it is recommended to check it using the function "preview".

3. Before you start to chat on the forum, we recommend you to fill in the section "My profile" so your teammates can see who I'm talking to.

4. You should not try to attract attention to your message by adding to the original topic of additional messages, which in themselves have no meaning, as well as sending personal messages and/or emails to individual members of the forum with a request to reply to the topic.

5. On the forum applies post-moderation. Posts that violate these Rules are deleted. You should not accept the disappearance of their messages are the result of a technical failure and put the message again.

6. You should not have a discussion on mismatch of someone's personal opinion with Your. Should also not be offended about Your being wrong. If You wish to remain always right, just do not participate in the discussions.

Thank you for having read these rules!